Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

By: The Clarabridge Team

January 5, 2018

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Wow! We’ve never seen so many people so excited to get 365 days over with. That said, there are lots of exciting things happening in marketing that every professional should take note of in 2018. The biggest trend we’ve seen is how customer-facing roles are outgrowing traditional business models, and everything else is basically a result of that shift. Here’s a quick summary of what we’re anticipating for 2018:

Contact Centers will continue to outgrow traditional business models.

The Contact Center was once the centralized hub for receiving and managing large volumes of requests, mainly via phone. This infrastructure worked for decades, but as consumers began taking control of the channels in which they requested assistance, such as email, live chat, social media and other channels most convenient to them, this meant that internally the marketing, services and support teams needed to collaborate in ways that made the customer experience frictionless.

Marketing teams are talking less, and listening more.

Normally, marketers base entire campaigns and core messaging of off siloed analytics and competitive intel. This results in reactive planning and constant context shifting which drives even the most talented marketers up the wall. One huge shift we’re seeing is marketers taking full advantage of predictive analytics and nuanced marketing. With fully integrated social listening tools, marketers don’t have to push a large volume of content. Instead, they can reverse engineer their strategy and listen first to what the end user is saying about their company, industry and their competitors. Can you imagine being able to see in real-time the types of questions people are asking their network about your products, whether your company is tagged or not? Even further, you can understand whether your customers are advocates, or flight risks and structure marketing, support, and services appropriately to anticipate trending issues.

All the feels.

Beyond analyzing what people are saying, you can also understand how they feel. Sentiment analysis is huge in giving you context beyond general trends. For instance, if you see that everytime people mention your company’s return policy attached to negative sentiment – it might be time to either revamp that business objective because it’s making people hesitant to purchase, or marketing might find that they need to update the website so that those policies are easy to find and understand prior to making a purchase.

You can debate about how the future of the contact center and marketing all day long, but the fact remains that organizations need to be able to predict customer expectations, act on them, and provide an adequate level of support to them regardless of the channel they customer comes in on.


Denasia Pinkard, the Content Marketing Manager at Clarabridge, is responsible for the production of all content from concept to execution. With over 10 years of writing and editorial experience, her specialty lies in communicating the value of seamless customer experiences. She has a BA from Morgan State in Telecommunications, and an MA from UMUC in International Marketing Management. Follow Denasia.