Mars Curiosity Rover keeps in touch with the earthlings through Twitter!

By: Lien Brusselmans

August 6, 2012

Very exciting days lie ahead: NASA’s science Rover Curiosity has landed on Mars! On November 26th the Curiosity Rover lifted off for its journey. Destination: Mars. The goal of this mission is to search for signs that the planet once harbored key ingredients for life.

Mars Curiosity Rover: female and active twitterer

What’s great is that you can follow this adventure real-time on Twitter. @MarsCuriosity started tweeting on November 18th 2008, inviting kids to participate in a contest to name the Mars Rover. Since then, Curiosity already tweeted 1,150 times! I did some research and apparently Curiosity is a lady! She is given a voice by three women, led by NASA’s social media manager Veronica McGregor.

The landing!

On Sunday 10:32 p.m. Pacific time she landed on Mars and only a an hour later you could already check out the first pictures. Every step of the landing could be followed in the Twitter stream. The most popular tweet , with over 60,000 retweets, is the one sent out immediately after the landing. This is clearly reflected in the Top Conversations we picked up with Engagor.

Worldwide buzz

The whole world was, and is, buzzing with excitement. Over 65% of the people who’re commenting on this big event, come from the United States. The top five is completed with the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and France.

Miss Popular

To give you an idea of the fan base of the rover, here’s the Applause and Engagement Rate for its Twitter profile and Facebook page. Especially her Twitter profile is doing great, with an Applause Rate of over 400,000%! This means that for the 50 tweets Mars Curiosity posted in the last 2 days, there were 216,804 retweets or favorites. Mars Curiosity in the running for Miss Popular!

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