Meet the new Engagor!

By: Folke Lemaitre

October 24, 2011

We are very excited to announce that we just released a major overhaul of the Engagor platform!

Over the last year we have been listening very closely to what our customers love about Engagor and what they would like to see in future releases. Initially, Engagor was all about monitoring and getting deep insights about your brand, your competitors and your industry. With the new Engagor, you can now also fully manage and engage with your social profiles. To further streamline online engagement with your audience, we added a whole workflow suite that makes it easy to collaborate with multiple people within your company.

So what’s new?


Your inbox contains all mentions that we find across the web and on your connected profiles. Easily track what mentions are handled and what mentions need more work.

Track the Conversation

To make sure you never lose context, you can easily track and view the conversation of a any mention.

Engage with your audience

Easily reply from within Engagor with your Twitter account, Facebook user account, Facebook Page or Linkedin account.

Spread the word

Post at once accross multiple networks of your connected profiles.


Work together in a team and assign mentions to each other.


Track what people love and hate about your topics. Change the sentiment manually in cases where the automated detection failed.


Tag your mentions for easier searching and for filtering the analytics. Tags can be set manually or automatically based on a certain search query.

Search your inbox

Search and filter your inbox in multiple ways in order to quickly process the mentions that are the most important for you.


Easily see what has been done with a certain mention. Tagged by person A, replied to by person C and completed by person D, …

Track Mentions

Manage your new and incoming mentions by ticking them off.


Get detailed statistics on your reach, top posts, influencers and a lot more for Twitter in general and for your connected Twitter accounts.


We track hundreds of metrics related to your Facebook Pages and Facebook in general. Easily compare the performance of your pages.


Monitor how your brand or your competitors are perceived online. Automated sentiment analysis is currently only available for English and Dutch.

Connect your Profiles

Connect your Facebook Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts to fully manage them from within Engagor. Additionally, you can closely monitor profiles of your competitors to see how good or bad they are doing compared to you.

Email Alerts

When the heat is on, you want to know as quickly as possible where, when and why it’s burning. Configure when you want to receive email alerts per topic.