How to get the most out of your Facebook brand timeline

By: Lien Brusselmans

March 1, 2012

From now on it’s not only possible to check your friends’ biography on Facebook, you can also look into a brand’s history. Go back in time to see how it all started, feel nostalgic watching old photographs, read all about a brand’s success story!

Of course, the pages timeline also brings along some great advantages for the brands themselves. Mashable lists some big changes every marketer should know and understand. These are the main conclusions:

  1. Increase interaction and engagement with your audience by posting behind-the-scenes activities, exclusive updates and promotions. Carefully set up your milestones (those in the past as well as the new ones) to craft your brand’s history and stimulate conversations.
  2. Carefully consider your cover photo and the three above-fold tab apps, knowing these are the first things everyone will bump into when visiting your brand page.
  3. While marketers will probably mourn the disappearance of a default landing page, Facebook compensates this through the possibility of adding pins on top of your page. These pins can be anything you’d like to put in the spotlights: images, links to articles, brand values…
  4. The new Facebook brand timeline also makes it possible to send and receive direct messages with users. Needless to say this creates great opportunities for your customer service and marketing strategy!

You can’t ignore the fact that social media acquire more and more importance when it comes to engaging with your brand’s users. On March 30th all Facebook pages will automatically switch to the new timeline look, but of course you can already start preparing your brand’s timeline and publish it any time you want. At least, that’s what we did!