Monitoring Foursquare Venues: Be notified of new tips and compare checkins.

By: Jurriaan Persyn

December 9, 2011

Today, we’re proud to announce we’ve added Foursquare to the list of Engagor integrations. We already support monitoring Facebook pages, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts a.o. to give our customers detailed statistics and insights about their and their competitors social accounts, and from now on Foursquare venues are on that list too!
Say, you’re the owner of a sweet coffee bar, you might have heard of this location-based social network called Foursquare where people virtually checkin into venues, letting their friends know where they are, and sharing tips for the places they love.
Foursquare allows its users to leave tips at venues (“Ask for the Tabishe pizza.“), share a photo (“Simon Says has some impressive latte art!“), or add venues to their lists (“Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Gent“).

Engagor monitors …

  • Checkins of Foursquare users at a venue
  • Tips people leave at a venue
  • Public photos people take at a venue
  • Lists people add a venue to

Engagor Insights offers …

  • Notifications as new checkins, tips, … happen (including email).
  • Statistics of new checkins, tips and photos per day and per monitored venue

Want to give it a try?
Sign-up for a free trial account and add a Foursquare venue to your monitored topics.