National Day of Unplugging: Go Offline Today with Coca-Cola’s Social Media Guard

By: Sofie De Beule

March 7, 2014

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Today is the fifth annual National Day of Unplugging, an initiative from a nonprofit group called Reboot that wants to provide people with a break from their ever-connected lives. Phones, tablets, latptops, and other Internet-connected devices have infiltrated our lives to the extent where we are often fed up with the always on, always connected philosophy.

‘Connectivity’ has become a commodity like electricity: we can’t live without it. As we are constantly expected to have our smartphones and laptops switched on, taking a break from it would daunt most of us. However, there are actually times we would love to disconnect and “recharge”.

Why Should We ‘Unplug’ from Our Electronic Devices?

The Unplugging movement wants to encourage people to take a digital sabbath from sunset Friday to sundown Saturday. Reboot wants you to use that moment for quiet reflection, reconnecting with your friends and family, and focus on getting an uninterrupted night of sleep.

How Coca-Cola Creates Awareness Around Our Excessive Smartphone Use

Many brands also step into that conversation (should or shouldn’t we take a conscious break from it once in a while?) and understand how it can take a toll on people’s lives. Through social campaigns, they create awareness of how we interact with our devices, especially on social media. And how sometimes, taking a break from it allows you to refocus on the things that are important.

At the end of February, Coca-Cola unveiled a new, light-hearted online video called Social Media Guard that puts the spotlights on our daily use of electronic devices and social media addiction. The brand dares to speak up and refers to the offline world as “the thing that happens when you run out of battery”.

The video doesn’t minimize the value of technology in our daily lives, however, it invites people to appreciate the real world around them more. Social media plays such an important role and has changed the way we share our moments together. Coca-Cola decided to start that conversation by reaching out to their (online) target audience.