New Enterprise Features: Optimal Team Organization With Business Hours Schedules & Teams

By: Sofie De Beule

February 23, 2015

With the help of the right kind of tools, evaluating your social media team’s performance and managing all team members is a piece of cake. At Engagor, we invest a lot of effort to make sure social media teams can closely collaborate and improve their performance. That’s why Enterprise plan users can benefit from a collection of crucial tool features, similar to contact center software, to help manage every single aspect of their social customer service strategy.

Just now, we added 2 key team performance features to help our users get the most out of their social customer service efforts, and work more efficiently. Let’s have a look at 4 essential features to organize social media teams.

  • Business Hours Schedules (NEW)
  • Teams (NEW)
  • Folder Alerts
  • SLA Metrics Widget

1. Business Hours Schedules

Business Hours Schedules allow you to perfectly assess the performance of teams and team members taking into account your active business hours. Most customer service teams don’t operate 24/7, and customers don’t expect an immediate reply outside of business hours. That’s why business hours should be taken into account when calculating Action Times (i.e. Response Time).

Here’s a small use case to explain why this new feature is so helpful:

Imagine your company provides social customer care from 8am to 7pm. If a tweet comes in at 10pm at night, this is outside of business hours. As a result, the delay in replying shouldn’t be relevant when calculating response time. A social media team member only has the possibility to follow up the next day starting from 8am, so they shouldn’t be ‘punished’ with a response time of 10 hours. That’s why we now have Business Hours Schedules to make sure you can evaluate social media team members’ performance correctly at all times.

The choice is up to you. Just enable or disable the button ‘Only Business Hours’ in Engagor’s Team Performance section and in the Team Performance widgets on your dashboards.

This new feature also works for brands that have social media teams across the world. If your company has teams both in New York and London, the local business hours (i.e. EST and GMT) will be taken into account when calculating action and response times. Benefit from this new feature to the fullest and set business hours for each team across the globe.

Enterprise plan users can start using this new feature in Settings under ‘Account Preferences’. You can also add holidays (Christmas, Easter Monday, etc.) to exclude from your business hours. For more detailed information, this dedicated support article is your ultimate go-to!

2. Teams

To fully reflect how your company works, we’re adding the possibility to group your agents into teams. These sub-groups of users of your Engagor account can be used to quickly assess and compare the performance of multiple agents at once.

What are the benefits of the new ‘Teams’ Feature?

  • Measure and compare the performance of your sub-teams across the globe to evaluate your round the clock response times.
  • Create teams per department (Marketing, PR, HR, Crisis Management, etc.) to group users in sets with their own responsibilities and privileges. For example, you can create a ‘PR Team’.

Want to start creating your own Teams in Engagor? Go to Settings and go to ‘Users’. Click the ‘Add Team’ button at the bottom and start creating teams tailored to your brands’ needs right away! For more information on how to set this up, check our support article.

Each Engagor user has a specific User Role (i.e. administrator, manager, viewer, etc.) to determine certain permissions (e.g. post a message) or restrict access to a set of topics and/or social profiles. In addition, Custom User Roles allow you to create your own, specific User Roles, tailored to your company’s needs.

3. Folder Alerts

A few months ago, we launched Folder Alerts. A Service Level Agreement is a contract between a company and a customer detailing, in measurable terms, the type of service a company provides to their customers in order to build trust and customer loyalty. This is incredibly useful for brands taking on social customer service as Folder Alerts serve as crucial reminders for messages that need to be answered or acted upon within a certain time frame.

With Engagor’s Folder Alerts, available for the Enterprise plan, users automatically receive an email or mobile push notification when a Folder in your Inbox contains mentions that are older than a certain target (i.e. older than one hour). That way, you can keep an incredibly close eye on your goals, meet your social media objectives and ultimately build stronger relationships with your customers. Eager to set up your own Folder Alerts? No worries, we have a support article ready for you right here!

4. SLA Metrics Widget

Engagor gives Standard, Professional, and Enterprise accounts the power to create dashboards to easily view all the statistics, mentions, and charts that matter most to their brand in just one place. All of these dashboards allow users to keep a close eye on their performance at a glance. By adding SLA Metrics Widget you can quickly view the status of your social customer service and the fulfilment of your SLA.

Both the folder alerts and SLA Metrics widget work perfectly in tandem with the new multiple Business Hours Schedules feature, allowing you to configure different alerts and/or widgets specifically per schedule you configure for your teams.

With the great help of our customers, we are able to implement a lot of brilliant ideas within our tool. Thanks for your support!

Do you have and idea to help us further improve our product? Don’t hesitate to let us know on Engagor Ideas!