New Insights & Redesigned Dashboards

By: Sofie De Beule

January 6, 2015

The new year will bring several new and exciting updates to Engagor. With 2015 only 6 days old, we can already proudly present to you two optimized features!

New Insights Live

As of now, our new Insights with dynamic, relevant data and metrics will appear by default in the analytics section of our web app. Users can still switch back to the old Insights but we’d rather look towards the future, wouldn’t we?

Gain deep insights into who your customers are with analytics that help you deliver a better customer experience. Need a quick catch-up on what’s changed in the Insights? Discover all the benefits:

  • Responsive & clear overview: accessing the right data is effortless. All of the data is now divided in 4 straightforward categories: Overview, People, Post & Engagement, and Profile Metrics.
  • Intuitive & effortless design: navigate easily through all the different data. Descriptive boxes with relevant background information provide you with crucial information at the point of need.
  • Relevant, up-to-date metrics & data: standardized, new metrics will help you amplify your social media efforts even more with the right analytics and actionable insights to fall back on.
  • New analytics features: the Age/Gender Split for every social profile gives you a more detailed, and complete description of the age and gender of your entire social audience. Posts & Engagement by Time of Day gives you a clear indication of when your community is most active while at the same time indicating when you yourself typically share content during the day. Do both activity peaks coincide? Because they should!

Dashboards Makeover

The Engagor dashboards just had a serious makeover. The design is now similar to our eye-catching, new Insights design. Can’t wait to see what’s changed? Go check them out immediately.

Need a quick recap on why dashboards are so useful to your brand? Dashboards are crucial building blocks in creating a comprehensive social media strategy. Leverage the power of dashboards to see all the statistics, mentions, and charts that matter the most to your brand in just one place. You can create multiple dashboards for the same account, which enables you to report smoothly and act fast whenever it is required.

Happy New Year!