Not Taking Chances: Data-Driven CX in the Gaming Industry

By: Elizabeth Clor

March 2, 2016

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While wins and losses at casinos are driven by luck, one of the industry’s largest gaming companies isn’t taking chances with customer experience. Radley Medina, head of customer experience quality assurance at Station Casinos, has made a science out of understanding customer desires and making pointed improvements to meet or exceed them.

Founded in 1976, in Las Vegas, Nevada, Station Casinos is the premier provider of gaming and entertainment for residents of the Las Vegas metropolitan area. The Station Casinos franchise includes eight major gaming and entertainment complexes and five smaller casinos. Station Casinos pioneered and developed the “local’s” gaming market in Las Vegas and caters primarily to people who live and work in the area. The company prides itself on providing a complete, high-value gaming and entertainment experience with unparalleled convenience, high quality assets, unique gaming products, personalized customer service, and consistency in execution.

The Sentiments team had the opportunity to speak to Radley Medina about the gaming company’s Customer Experience Management program. Here’s what he had to say:

Sentiments: In your industry, why is customer experience important? What are the key business drivers?
Medina: In my mind, “experience” in the gaming industry is defined by a multivariable equation that includes products, services, operational effectiveness/efficiency, value, psychographic resonance, and emotional connection. It’s relatively easy for casino companies to compete in terms of products and services. Forging true competitive advantages, however, requires an awareness and deep understanding of the other elements; the ability to turn that understanding into meaningful action is also of paramount importance.

A robust CX practice can be the difference maker. But in my industry, there aren’t many companies that do CX the way it should be done. As far as key business drivers are concerned, my industry – like most – has an abundance of them. But in my opinion the ability to adapt to a new generation of customer, one that doesn’t necessarily regard gaming as a primary or even secondary entertainment activity, will be key in the months and years to come.

Sentiments: What is your top CX priority?
Medina: My top priority is helping properties deliver the kind of positive experiences that compel customers to share stories about us wherever their journeys take them!

Sentiments: Do you have any core beliefs regarding customer experience? How do those manifest themselves in your business?
Medina: I believe that companies have to deliver relevant experiences that continually exceed ever-changing customer expectations. To do that, we must yield to the true voice of the customer. We mustn’t rely on mostly quantitative feedback that tells us how we did, but rather on a rich body of qualitative feedback that informs how we should evolve. Said another way, instead of asking customers to rate us on measures that we feel are important, we need to be open to allowing them to tell us what is important in their own words.

Sentiments: Tell us a bit about how you are using Clarabridge to analyze customer feedback.
Medina: I use a multiphase strategy to drive the right change at the right time. For details, you’ll need to come see me at C3. 🙂


About Radley Medina
Radley Medina is the corporate director and head of quality assurance (CEM) for Station Casinos, and will be speaking at Clarabridge Customer Connections (C3) in April. Radley is recognized as an innovative Customer Experience leader in the gaming space and an impactful “industry speaker” at the UNLV College of Hotel Administration. He is also a member of the advisory board for the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism in Las Vegas. In 2012, Radley became the first-ever Corporate Director and Head of Quality Assurance (Customer Experience) at Station Casinos. He successfully created the company’s first centralized Customer Experience program. He is currently leading an enterprise transition to NPS and building a multichannel VOC program.


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