Omni-Channel Listening: The Coexistence of Social, Guest Survey Programs and Brand Marketing

By: Clarabridge Team

January 20, 2015

By: Jon Black, Principal Consultant

As more and more hospitality marketers have begun to struggle with the omnipotent presence of social data and how it affects their brand, they have begun to question the very issue of branding itself. Only through Omni-channel listening – what some may call data blending – of data of all forms (ie. survey, Social, call-centers, emails, etc.) can we truly understand the volume, sentiment and impact that the voice of the customer has on our continued efforts to drive brand loyalty, guest satisfaction and profits.

In the late 20th century, the voice of the customer was limited by the method of the day. Comment cards and mailers were crucial to garnering guest feedback on the products and services offered. As administrators, we realized that the method had potential for fraud, data gaps and low response rates, not to mention data entry and printing costs, but still we incentivized our staff based on these results. For the guest, the voice of the customer was muffled, since there was no incentive to provide feedback other than to family and friends, leading hoteliers to fall back on the old adage “an unhappy customer tells ten”.

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