Online Dating: How People Use Social to Find Love in 2014

By: Sofie De Beule

February 14, 2014

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Chances are high your Valentine’s date is someone you met online on a dedicated social network. In June 2013, according to Forbes, “a third of recently married couples met online and are more satisfied and, therefore, less likely to split-up”.

There used to be a time when online dating was taboo, namely because people couldn’t stand the idea of having to meet with “strangers” they encountered over the internet. Nowadays, with the rise of numerous fancy-pants dating apps and mainstream dating websites for literally every kind of audience, finding your better half seems easier than ever before.

Whether you’re looking for friendship, a random hookup, or actual long-lasting love, there’s an option out there that meets everyone’s individual tastes. Now that it has become more “mainstream”, you’re clearly the “odd one out” in 2014 if you met your loved one offline.

How do people actually use social to find love in 2014?

Tinder Lets You “Swipe” for Your Perfect Date

The Tinder app literally requires no introduction as it created entirely new standards to modern, social dating. Tinder is a “barebones”, straightforward app where what you see is what you get. Although it’s one of the more “shallow”, hookup apps out there, it skips the formalities and offers users a way to get directly to the point.

Even Sochi Olympic athletes use Tinder to make contact with each other. US gold medalist snowboarder, Jamie Anderson, told US Weekly that Olympians bathe in the Tinderizer.

Twine Canvas App Lets You Compare Personalities Instead of Pictures

For people that might be turned off by the superficialness of the Tinder app, there’s Twine Canvas, a dating app for iOS that connects users with people based on their interests. Unlike Tinder, users of Twine Canvas base their judgement on a collection of images (called a canvas) the user selects and compiles to reflect their personalities.

As most people know, looks aren’t everything. Physical attraction doesn’t outweigh a person’s great personality. Twine Canvas might just do the trick and cut the shallowness out of social dating apps!

Jess, Meet Ken Site Helps Women Meet Guys Other Women ‘Recommended’

With the Jess, Meet Ken site (still in beta), the chances of going on a bad ‘offline’ date are significantly diminished. Just like your friends used to arrange blind dates, female users “introduce” their male friends as the perfect date. This kind of information is incredibly popular among women, because they’d rather save their time and energy for someone who proves to be a good fit.

These recent additions to the social dating landscape introduce more openness and control to online dating. Although people prefer a certain degree of social anonymity (hence the popularity of Secret and Whisper), there’s an on-going shift towards other, more open types of social dating. More and more people will turn to their friend circles and other sources they value to find that special someone.

How do you see online dating trends evolving?