Operationalizing the Voice of the Customer: Clarabridge Acquires Engagor

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By: Sid Banerjee

May 21, 2015

2015-192_waffle_web_graphicSuccessful customer experience management (CEM) programs don’t happen in a vacuum. They require intense collaboration among many different functions and roles within an organization. The foundation for this collaboration is data, specifically customer feedback data from all channels including social media, the call center, surveys, online review sites, agent notes, inbound emails, and more. The ability to operationalize this data—making it immediately actionable for executives, front-line employees, customer care teams, and marketers—is a competitive differentiator across industries.

According to Gartner research, 89% of companies plan to compete primarily on the basis of the customer experience by 2016. To do so, they need immediate access to customer insights, paired with the ability to engage quickly and effectively. Aggregating and analyzing customer feedback data from all channels is the best way to gain a complete understanding of customer needs, wants, and emotions throughout the customer journey. The speed at which a business acts on these insights will be a competitive differentiator.

As the market has expanded, leading enterprises are looking for solutions that can bring together customer feedback from all channels into one intelligence hub, and a robust mechanism for intelligently engaging with customers. To better serve the needs of our Fortune 1000 clients, we’re focused on operationalizing the customer voice through the wide distribution and adoption of intelligence and tools.

To help our customers achieve end-to-end customer experience management, we recently acquired Engagor, the most comprehensive platform for real-time social customer service and engagement. Engagor’s solution operationalizes customer analytics and helps business leaders present a more attuned organization—one that not only listens, but also adjusts to customer desires. With Engagor, businesses can track all conversations relating to their brand, filter out the noise, streamline engagement, and respond to what matters most to customers.

The combined offering provides a complete technology solution for marketers, customer care organizations and operations teams to create more profitable customer relationships.

Social media is becoming an increasingly important channel for customer care. Research shows that 74% of people who complain on social media expect a response within an hour. Additionally, 1 out of 2 people prefer to contact a business via social media for support instead of using the phone. Clearly, businesses that do not have a strategy and data-driven approach to managing social customer care will fall behind. Not to mention the missed revenue opportunity, as 40% of consumers spend more money with brands that provide a good social experience.

Even though social customer care is on the rise, businesses generally aren’t happy with their social listening platforms. According to Forrester research, 52% of companies plan to switch providers due to inadequacies in sentiment analysis, influencer analytics, and engagement capabilities.

With the acquisition of Engagor, Clarabridge now offers more extensive customer experience management capabilities. The Clarabridge platform, which collects, analyzes, and activates customer feedback data from all channels, gains the additional functionality of advanced social listening, publishing, governance, along with real-time social customer service and engagement.

We look forward to having the Engagor staff join our talented team of innovators. Together, we will fulfill our mission of helping businesses win the hearts of their customers.