Personalized Mailboxes and Why They Are Useful

By: Lien Brusselmans

October 14, 2013

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Last week we introduced a major redesign of the Engagor Inbox! All Engagor users are free to decide whether they already want to start using it or not. However, the new Inbox really is pretty cool so don’t stick to the old one too long! Why? Well, here are some of its convincing advantages:

One Mailbox per team

Based on one single topic (or several topics at once) you can now create as many Mailboxes as you want. This means that each team, department or user can create their own Mailbox and organize it exactly how they wish. Basically it comes down to this: with your social media team you set up different topics to monitor whatever is interesting for your brand. These are typically your own brand, your competitors and your industry. To calculate relevant analytics and make accurate comparisons and reports, Engagor needs all the mentions these topics generate. However, when it comes to following up and acting on them, not all of the mentions are equally relevant to each team. That is why each team sets up their own Mailbox and defines very precisely which topics and mentions have to be a part of it.

Only relevant results

Because each team has their own Mailbox, they can choose which mentions they want in the Inbox and all the other folders they create. For example:

  • Some Customer Service teams only handle messages that are directed towards them, like posts on their Facebook page or Twitter @mentions. This does not mean you should totally ignore mentions that don’t @mention your brand. This is still relevant information for Reputation Management, Marketing and other departments. Thanks to the redesigned Inbox these mentions are still part of the topic but they can be excluded in the Customer Service Mailbox. Another Mailbox customization that is really useful for Customer Service is to exclude al likes, retweets and check-ins. There will be no more irrelevant mentions, facilitating Customer Care’s work.
  • The Sales team can set up a Mailbox based on the general topic about their industry and filter it on typical buying signal keywords. In the automotive industry, this would be something like (“looking for” OR “does anyone know” OR “want to buy”) AND (“best car” OR “good car” OR “which car”). This will bring forth several messages by people looking to buy a new car that the Sales team can reply to.
  • PR can create a Mailbox that only includes news and blog posts, so they can follow up on all press coverage about their brand.

Custom folders to divide the mentions according to their content, author, status and more

Customizing your own Mailbox is one thing. People also very much like to structure the data they work with. Similar to creating folders in your email inbox, you can now create folders in your social inbox as well. In each Mailbox users can create Smart Folders based on whatever filter they want. For example:

  • Customer Service can create Smart folders to differentiate between open, pending and resolved cases. (more on this in a blog post next week)
  • PR can set up a folder with all messages by influencers. Whether an influencer is someone with 500, 1,000 or 10,000 followers is up to them.

Each folder is based on the advanced Engagor filters you are already familiar with: keywords, author, location, number of followers, source and much more. The possibilities of creating Smart Folders are thus endless.

Once you have set up the separate Mailboxes and designated Smart Folders, your life will become much easier. No more need to filter all the time, no more fighting your way through the “noise”. Important consideration: what is considered noise by Customer Service (such as likes, retweets or check-ins) is typically very valuable information for Marketing. Everything is monitored, stored and analyzed but in your Personalized Mailbox Engagor only shows you what you need and want to see.