Podcast: Seth Grimes on Emotions, Outcomes and Context in #CX

By: Clarabridge Team

May 8, 2014

By: Keri Cook, Director of Global Events

Seth_GrimesSeth Grimes is one of the leading thinkers and analysts in the fields of Sentiment Analysis, Text Analytics and Business Intelligence – cornerstones of Customer Experience Management systems. At this year’s C3 Conference, Clarabridge advisor and analyst Fred McClimans had a chance to talk with Seth about his work, and his take on the evolution of Customer Experience technologies.

Some of the topics covered [podcast below] include:

— the evolution of “emotion” in Customer Experience,
— the new focus of Customer Experience Management on business outcomes,
— the role of correlation, context and personas in Customer Experience, and
— the fading of “text analytics” and selecting the right technology (and data!).

PODCAST [10:16] – Fred McClimans with Seth Grimes, recorded April 30, 2014 at the Clarabridge C3 Conference.

For more information on Seth and his research, you can visit Alta Plana http://www.altaplana.com. You can follow Seth at @sethgrimes and Fred at @fredmcclimans.