(Re)Introducing Clarabridge CEM Solutions

CEM Solutions reintroduction blog title

By: Lisa Sigler

December 21, 2016

CEM Solutions
customer experience management

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on the past and gear up for the future. We have been busy in 2016, making sure Clarabridge CEM solutions fit our customers’ needs. Not only have we enhanced our offerings, but we’ve also refreshed our website to show off our solutions even better.

The Clarabridge CX Suite is the full collection of customer experience management (CEM) solutions offered by Clarabridge. We focus on omni-channel listening and analysis. That’s because we understand that customer data from every source is important for understanding the full customer journey.

We help our customers listen to survey, social, and interaction feedback. We use advanced analysis, including industry-leading text analytics, to understand what customers are talking about. Armed with that information, brands can act to solve problems, identify opportunities, and engage with customers.

Clarabridge CEM solutions include:

CX Analytics. The powerful analytics platform uses text analytics, sentiment analysis, and data categorization capabilities to interpret customer data from all sources. In 2016 we have added new emotion detection, enhanced the dashboard capabilities in the CX Studio interface, and broadened global language support (now including German!).
Learn more about CX Analytics here.

CX Survey. Ask the right questions and you get the best insight. CX Survey lets brands create and deploy dynamic surveys. And, we let you analyze the results so you can take actions to improve your business. Over the past year, we’ve refined our CX Survey capabilities to improve the user experience.
Here’s our new CX Survey page.

Clarabridge Engage. Social channels are the new customer experience battleground. It is important to provide excellent service across social media platforms. This means capturing every conversation, answering each query as quickly as possible, and closing the loop with each customer. Clarabridge Engage makes this possible. Recent enhancements include team management features that keep your agents working efficiently and guard your social SLAs.
Explore Clarabridge Engage.

We’re pleased with the changes and improvements we’ve made this year. We hope you’ll join us throughout 2017 as we make Clarabridge CEM solutions even better.


Lisa Sigler is Sr. Manager of Content Marketing at Clarabridge. For over 16 years, Lisa has used her writing and editorial skills to bring the value of technology to life. Today, she works to demonstrate Clarabridge’s position as thought leader and trailblazer in the Customer Experience Management market. Lisa holds a B.A. of English from Kent State University. Read more from Lisa on Twitter @siglerLis.