Remember These 3 Key Customer Service Trends From Forrester’s 2014 Predictions

By: Sofie De Beule

January 17, 2014

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the internet of things
user experience

Clearly we are in the ‘Age of the Customer’. Customer service has never been more important as customers set the standards for companies. Customer satisfaction is a company’s top priority, as they go above and beyond for their customers in the hopes of them staying loyal to their brand.

We’ve collected 3 key trends for 2014 from Forrester’s trend rapport everyone should remember:

1. Proactive Customer Engagement

More and more companies will anticipate the ‘what, when, where, & how’ for customers. Information about the customer is a big priority, consequently, making speed less important. Customer service teams will monitor customer behavior and put all of their efforts into tracking customers.

Proactively reaching out to customers via chat or offers will be part of pre-purchase interactions. We believe this trend is already omnipresent as companies engaging with customers doesn’t start at the moment of purchase. Anticipation and finding out where they’re located, especially on social media, will be everything!

2. The Agent Experience: More Personalized Experience

In 2014, customer service leaders will work on simplifying the agent workspace. Irrelevant data elements from agent screens will be removed, and automated tasks will start increasing agent productivity. Companies will rethink the usage of tools and limit the amount of applications agents use during their workday.

Providing relevant information will be a customer agent’s top priority in order to create a personalized interaction. Customers prefer to deal with actual people, but more importantly, they want to receive the right information without having to move mountains to get it.

3. Companies Match Customer Service with Mobile Strategies

With trends like ‘The Internet of Things’, Instagram’s ever-growing buzz and mobile being the preferred go-to platform for customers, mobile changed the way people do business completely.

This year, companies will have their mobile strategies, technology investments, and user experiences completely correspond with their marketing and customer service strategy. With focus on user experiences, tasks have to be efficiently accomplished. Companies will inject much-needed value to customers in a mobile environment.