Report Engagor Day: Practical Cases and the Engagor Roadmap

By: Lien Brusselmans

March 27, 2013

Social media management in action

Three weeks ago we organized the very first edition of the Engagor Day, an event for our users and partners. On this day we gave an elaborate overview of all the big features our social media management tool has recently launched as well as a sneak-peak of where Engagor is going, a.k.a. our roadmap! We also gave the stage to our users to share two cases on how they are handling their social media management. Dieter Van Esch from RCA Group inspired us with De Lijn‘s social media strategy and many practical tips. Bruno Peeters gave us insight in how Belfius is handling social media messages and how to organize this from within Engagor.

Check out the Engagor Day Report

We have summarized this inspirational day in a practical report. Check out the Engagor Day Report for interesting cases on social media management and feel free to share it!

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We hope this report inspires you to optimize your own social media strategy! If you want the right tool to help you with your social media management, why not give Engagor a try with a free trial account?