Sentiments: Customer Experience Guidance, Insights and Musings

By: Elizabeth Clor

January 27, 2015

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Welcome to Sentiments—a blog that helps you incorporate customer needs, wants and emotions into your business strategies. Sentiments speaks to customer experience professionals, marketers, customer care leaders, and anyone who wants to make informed, empathetic decisions that delight customers.

Our blog is organized into the five areas below.

The Empathic Business

It is truly “the age of the customer.” Today’s most successful businesses are finely attuned and empathetic to their customer’s feelings. An empathetic organization will develop lasting and positive relationships with customers that transcend momentary challenges, obstacles, and threats resulting in increased loyalty and revenue.

The empathy section of our blog discusses how businesses can scientifically measure sentiment and act on those insights. We also explore specific industries and how customer sentiment is changing within those industries based on our own analysis.

Customer Experience as a Differentiator

According to Forrester Research, the majority of consumers would pay more for a better customer experience, and this experience is becoming a differentiator for leading brands in the marketplace.

We define customer experience as every interaction that a customer has with your business and/or brand. Whether it’s a phone call to your contact center, an online shopping experience, a marketing campaign, actually using your product or service, or a range of other interactions, the customer experience occurs throughout a “journey.” Understanding this journey is a critical element to delivering the best customer experience possible.

The customer experience section of our blog discusses how businesses can listen to their customers at every stage of the journey. We present examples of how businesses are improving their customer experience along with best practices, tips, personal anecdotes, and more.

Marketing Matters

Increasingly, the “science” of marketing is driving its “art.” Your marketing campaigns need to be more than just eye candy—they need to truly resonate with your customers and prospects.

Data-driven marketing has been around for some time, but marketers are now just scratching the surface of using predictive analytics and sentiment analytics to determine which campaigns will inspire customers to buy their products, and which will fall flat.

The marketing section of our blog shows you how to discover what customers truly love about your brand, and what is leaving a bad taste in their mouths. Learn how to take your campaigns to the next level by incorporating this sentiment. Even if you’ve just begun to scratch the surface of data-driven decision making, you’ll find helpful tips and best practices, and even our personal commentary of popular marketing campaigns.

Technology, Big Data, and the Voice of the Customer

If you’re collecting customer feedback from surveys, online review sites, your call center, online chat, and social media, congratulations! You’ve got all the information you need to understand customer sentiment. But sorting through all of this data, interpreting it, and sharing it throughout all areas of the business is a common challenge.

And bigger than that, technology is evolving at such at rapid pace that the number of customer touchpoints is growing faster than business’ ability to keep up. Which emerging technologies cannot be ignored and which ones are a passing fad?

The technology area of our blog discusses all things big data and computer science. We discuss the latest tech trends and how the world’s largest brands deploying innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve.

A Community of Customer Love

Published by Clarabridge, Sentiments is a collection of thoughts, ideas, and guidance from the world’s most sophisticated customer intelligence company.

Our community section takes you behind the scenes of life at Clarabridge and keeps you updated on product enhancements, upcoming events, and general company news.

Elizabeth Clor is the Sr. Director of Content Marketing and Communications at Clarabridge. In this role, she is responsible for solidifying Clarabridge’s position in the marketplace as the leading Customer Experience Management (CEM) technology vendor. Elizabeth has 17 years of experience in high-tech marketing and communications, and is a regular contributor to various marketing publications. She holds a B.A. of English from the University of Virginia.