Should Your Brand Reply to All Social Media Posts?

By: Lien Brusselmans

November 25, 2013

The answer is simple: no.

Social media customer service comes down to this: you have to carefully think about what you will reply to. This may sound simple but each company will have their own angle when coming up with an answering scheme. An answering scheme is a clear guide social media agents follow when social messages roll in. It looks something like this:

Comments versus questions

The core of social media customer service is replying to the questions people ask your brand. But then there are also more ambivalent posts like remarks or people talking that are just talking to their friends about your brand. If you pick this up and the message actually contains a question, you can reach out and offer your help. People will be positively surprised at your proactive approach!

Twitter @mention or not?

Some brands reply to all social messages about their brand, others don’t. What often happens is that brands don’t react to tweets that only mention their name but not @mention their Twitter handle. Use a social media management tool to easily pick up both types of messages and reply to them. Small effort for you, very much appreciated by customers!


If people compliment your brand, it’s a nice gesture to thank them, like or favorite their message. Just a heads up that you appreciate them taking the time to share their positive experience with your brand! Of course, if the workload is too high, you should definitely prioritize the actual questions.


Remember your parents’ wise words: if someone insults or mocks you, don’t start an argument but just ignore them. The same goes for insults to your brand. There’s no use in responding to these types of messages. People can give their opinion or criticize you because of a bad experience with your brand, but insults are a very different thing.

Key takeaway? Sit down and build your answering scheme before you dive in social media customer service. It will save you lots of time, worries and discussions. Good luck!