Skills to put on a Résumé: 6 trending Skills for CX Professionals

By: Mary Endres

February 24, 2016

Customer Engagement
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customer experience management

Looking to land your Customer Experience (CX) dream job? The secret to writing a winning résumé or CV is to focus on the skills that matter the most:

Metric Maven: As a member of a Customer Experience Management (CEM) team, particularly at a manager or director level, you will need to show that you have an understanding of foundational CEM principles, and most importantly, that you can tie good customer experience to a clear and concise measurement framework. Highlight your experience in setting target metrics, meeting goals, and tracking progress.

Fearless Leader: A CEM team is likely changing the way things have always been done at the company, and the lens through which business decisions have been made. You need to be a progressive thinker, perseverant, and drive business change, even when faced with skeptics. Highlight skills that show you are able to respond to and engage with people who don’t necessarily agree with certain decisions to support your strengths as a fearless leader.

Powerful Storyteller: When sharing customer insights with other business stakeholders, CEM team members need to present the data in an actionable format. You need to prove that you can sell a story and make it relevant and meaningful to the business. Your résumé should show that you can lead a presentation in an engaging manner and be able to use appropriate data points to reinforce your findings and recommendations.

Data Enthusiast: Good general analytical skills are a must for any CX professional. Your résumé needs to show that you have a basic comfort level with making sense of customer data. Show your interviewers that you know how to handle and understand raw data, and be able to make it relevant and actionable for the business.

Relationship Builder: To be successful, a CEM team needs you to be able to build good relationships with other business departments and stakeholders. You need to show that you have excellent interpersonal skills that allow for relationship building and collaboration with people across all levels in the business.  Use your résumé to prove that you have experience in identifying which stakeholders are important for supporting your cause, and in building relationships based on trust and credibility.

Empathetic Customer Champion: The number one skill any interviewer will be looking for is an innate passion for the customer. You need to prove empathy and the dedication to doing what’s right for the customer experience. Even if you don’t have past experience directly related to CX, your résumé should highlight activities that you are passionate about. Show that your enthusiasm runs deep enough that you persevere even when faced with failure.

While traditional business schools teach marketing, sales, and operations, CEM is ahead of most school curriculums. HR Recruiters are looking for candidates who can round out the overall skills of the CEM department. Make sure your résumé highlights these 6 essential CX skills, or proves your willingness to learn new skills. To learn more about each of these skills in detail, what a company expects of you, and how you can prepare for and ace your CX interviews, read our ebook: The 6 Essential Skills for Every CEM Team.


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