Social Media Clash of Festivals: Pukkelpop (BE) vs Lowlands (NL)

By: Lien Brusselmans

August 27, 2012

With September on its way, summer is approaching its end. This also means many festivals have already taken place, including Lowlands (the Netherlands) and Pukkelpop (Belgium). Both festivals are celebrated during the same weekend and often ‘share’ a whole lot of bands, that include both festivals in their summer tour. 1 weekend, 2 festivals, lots of music, bands and a huge crowd that massively shares its impressions on Social Media. That calls for some Social Media monitoring and analytics. And so we did!

Since we were curious which of the two had caused most online buzz, we started monitoring them with Engagor. To give you an idea of how both festivals compare to one another, here are some basic numbers.

All in all, Pukkelpop is the biggest festival of the two, both offline (most visitors) and online (most followers/fans).

Pukkelpop versus Lowlands: which of the two has caused most online buzz?

Pukkelpop’s online reign when it comes to fans and followers is not reflected in the online conversation around the festival. Well, I’m slightly exaggerating because 40,000 mentions in the four days when the festivals took place, is not so bad. Lowlands however, lesser in likes and follows, beats Pukkelpop with a total number of 48,700 mentions.

The most popular topics

Let’s have a look at the top hashtags, to get a grasp of what the online world was buzzing about during this Belgian-Dutch festival weekend. It seems the #foofighters were the only band that was quite popular as a hashtag. Other trending hashtags refer to the festivals themselves and the tv or radio programs centered around them. Another notable hashtag is #pussyriot, which trended at both festivals. Pukkelpop and Lowlands asked their audience to support the Russian feminist punk-rock group, that has been jailed for two years after Puttin protest in Moscow’s main cathedral.

The most popular bands

At Pukkelpop All Time Low got an immense online applause with the picture and ‘thank you’ they tweeted. Politeness pays off! Foo Fighters, the headliner that returned after last year’s performance was cancelled due to the tragic storm at Pukkelpop, received a warm virtual welcome back. Martin Solveig completes the Pukkelpop most popular (online) bands top three.

Gratitude was also the reason Lights and La Pegatina received so much online appreciation after their gig at Lowlands. The number one here, however, is Ed Sheeran, who shared a link to watch his performance live on Youtube. He tweeted two more times and with 2156 retweets, can call himself the most popular (online) artist at Lowlands!

An international crowd

If you’ve ever been to one of these festivals, you must have noticed Dutch wasn’t the sole language spoken. Not only the bands on stage came from all over the world, the audience did as well. This was also apparent in the countries the people talking about Pukkelpop and Lowlands came from:

In conclusion, I dare say Pukkelpop and Lowlands were a success, both offline and online. The online buzz was immense, and if cellphone operators can make sure the networks don’t suffer from delays and outages anymore, it will get much bigger in the upcoming years.