Social Media Crisis Management Planning

By: Daniel Martins, Head of Digital Marketing

March 23, 2017

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If you care about your brand’s reputation, you need a social media crisis management plan in place, now!

Sooner or later, your business will have to deal with an urgent situation—and your social media management team is likely to be on the front line. Whether you like it or not, you need to be armed for it by having a social media management crisis plan in place

A certain tech giant recently learned this lesson the hard way. Their new range of mobile phones started blowing up. People got hurt, and a recall was issued. Eventually, the tech company cancelled the product line, and lost billions of dollars.

But the phones weren’t the only things blowing up. Before the company ever made a statement, videos, negative comments and reports spread across social media like wildfire. The brand was immediately damaged, with customers moving to competitors. Some competitors even developed quick-turnaround advertisements to make fun of the situation.

The tech giant did not release any statements or social media updates about the problem for a full week. Even then, it was only a cold, poorly-executed statement resulting in terrible social customer service.

The delay, and the lack of emotion in the statement, created a second wave of social media outrage. Consumers voiced their frustration across their social media channels.

If the phone provider had a social media crisis management plan in place, they could have handled things better. They would have been quicker to spot the emergency through social listening, because social is often the first channel to pick up a crisis. They also would have known that the public was demanding a response, as people start posting in real time as an emergency unfolds.

Also, if they were closing the loop internally, they could have referred the information to the product team, since the problem was related to a product malfunction. Social media channels often pick up on product-related crises even before the call center.

Give your company the tools to handle social media backlash that can cause loss of customers and even future revenue impact. Make sure you have a social media management crisis plan.

Our latest eBook, “In Case of Emergency: 6 Rules of Social Media Crisis Management details essential best practices for planning and implementing your social crisis management procedures. Discover how to act confidently and mitigate the risks of a crisis from seriously damaging your reputation.

Learn how to:

  • Use social media management as the primary channel for external crisis communication
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