Social Media Day Antwerp: the buzz analysis

By: Lien Brusselmans

June 29, 2012

Yesterday has been quite the social day! Together with the Fusion Marketing Experience, Social Media Day Antwerp lived up to its name, generating a total of 2699 mentions in one day. 2685 of these were tweets: that’s almost 4 tweets every minute. Especially around 9 a.m., when Brian Solis (one of the thought leaders in new media) took the stage, Twitter went wild! Whenever you thought you would be the first to quote this or that interesting phrase, someone else already beat you at it. For the record, these two Belgian events are all about social media: workshops, presentations and a nice way to meet new and interesting people.

Going through the Engagor analytics, let me share some insights with you:

  • It was already quite clear when you looked around you: smartphones everywhere! Based on our applications chart, it seems like Twitter for iphone is the most popular app to tweet with.

  • Because of this tweet overload, I had the impression that there were somewhat less retweets than on other, similar events. Probably due to the fact that everyone wanted to be the first to tweet a certain quote, and as a result: 10 tweets about the same topic at the same moment 🙂 Our tweet type diagram doesn’t prove me wrong.

  • Nevertheless, there were some people who were pretty successful with their tweets: @Thomasmarzano and @Roosvanvugt in the lead with respectively 64 and 52 RT’s! Congrats 🙂

  • Another nice one: #fusionmex and #smdaybe actually beat #rw12 (Rock Werchter, a major Belgian festival with over 80.000 visitors each day) with regard to the created buzz! Apparently not that many geeks on the Werchter meadow (at least before 7 p.m.) 😉

  • Words, words, words. But how about pictures? Well, people shared 170 photos about #smdaybe and #fusionmex. These were the 14 most popular ones:

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