Social media engagement: Engagor simplifies posting of new content

By: Lien Brusselmans

November 15, 2012

Social media engagement

Social media engagement: the Engagor Publisher

Following the big Inbox revamp, we’ve also improved the Publisher layout to simplify your social media engagement. To be clear: Publisher is the popup box you see when posting a new message, replying, retweeting, commenting or favoriting from within Engagor.


Publishing new content may look like a simple action, but there can be more to it than you would expect. Next to creating the content, you can choose the account to post it with and you can also use canned responses, target Facebook posts, schedule posts, etc. As Engagor offers basically all possible posting options present within Facebook and Twitter themselves, we have altered the Publisher’s design to prevent things from getting a little too crowded.

The new Publisher

From now on most of the options you can choose from are available through simple and straightforward buttons. Here’s an example of the buttons you see when posting on a Facebook page. Hovering over them gives you more information about these features.

The drop-down menu next to the publish button presents you with all final publishing options, like sending a post to your colleague for approval or saving a draft to publish later on:

Dashboard completed with counter for mentions that need approval

Although it was already possible to have mentions ‘sent for approval’ (by a colleague/superior), we’ve now added a counter to the Engagor Dashboard showing how many mentions are awaiting approval. This way the Engagor users with permission to approve, can easily follow up on this.

I want the old Publisher back!

Now now, give it some time. Getting used to new interfaces isn’t easy, we know. However, once you’re acquainted with it, we hope you’ll realize this is a change for the better. Besides, we’re not letting you figure it out all by yourself. We’ve written a clear and structured support article, that provides you with all the information you need on the new Publisher. If you still have questions after reading this, please reach out on our chat (popping up at the bottom right corner) or drop us an email at