Social Media Monitoring: 4 Things to Consider Before You Start

By: Lien Brusselmans

February 12, 2013

Although it sounds obvious that you think about what you want to monitor before buying a social media monitoring tool, we notice not all brands think about this sufficiently. Or rather, not all brands know all the monitoring possibilities. Here is a list of 4 things we believe you should consider when you start monitoring your brand online.

  1. Think about what you want to achieve
  2. What will be the goal of your monitoring? With Engagor you can discover many interesting analytics about yourself or your competition, which you can then gather in reports. However, you can also use it to detect new sales leads or organize your customer service. You can even conduct market research or have your HR department use it in their search for new talents. As you can see, there are plenty of different things you can achieve with your monitoring.

  3. Think about what you are going to monitor
  4. Now that you have set your goals, think about what exactly you are going to monitor. In Engagor the account plans are (amongst other things) based on the number of topics you have at your disposal. One topic typically equals one subject and you can connect a keyword search to it, as well as several social profiles. Typically you monitor your own brands, so that makes one topic per brand. Are you going to set up new topics for all your marketing campaigns? Or will you monitor them in the same topic and then filter out the appropriate results? Keep in mind that you can also monitor your competitors, your industry and conduct market research with Engagor. If you have taken all of this into consideration, you should end up with the exact number of topics you need.

  5. Think about how you are going to monitor this
  6. Now you are ready to start creating your topics. Bear in mind that each topic can consist of a keyword search and several social profiles.

    • What will your keyword search look like? If you have a unique brand name, this is easy. If not (e.g. Apple, Orange, Makro), you will have to filter out everything that has nothing to do with your brand. Click here if you want some more information on how to create keyword queries. Good to know: Engagor allows you to filter on word combinations, countries and languages as you wish.
    • Will you only listen to what it said about you, or also what is said to you? In other words: will you only monitor based on a keyword search or will you connect your social profiles as well? Make a list of all profiles you want to manage from within Engagor, as well as their passwords. If you don’t connect them with a password, we won’t be able to pull in private messages and you won’t be able to post anything on them. Click here if you want to read more on how to connect your social profiles.

  7. Invest in training/consultancy
  8. With the risk of sounding ‘salesy’, you might want to invest in some training/consultancy. True, good tools such as Engagor are straightforward and easy to use. But even then you will miss out on several great features if you are not willing to invest some time in setting up and getting to know the tool. Based on our experience, brands that took a training of as little as 3 hours, use Engagor much more actively and get more out of it. Also, during a training we can help with the setup of the account and once your topics are set up correctly, you are ready to go!