Social Media Updates & News – Overview October

By: Jozefien Verhaeghe

November 7, 2013

social media news
social media updates

Ecosystems are constantly on the move. It’s something we often read and hear. This is no different for the ‘Social Media Ecosystem’. Most social media players are growing faster than the speed of light. But honestly, who can still see the wood for the trees in this giant Social Media jungle? Not many I bet. So let us take you on a safari to see what the Big Five have been up to last month.



Let’s start of with the lion amongst all Social Media players: Facebook.

  • First there was the news that Facebook decided to allow teens to post publicly on the platform. Before they could only post updates to ‘friends’ and ‘friends of friends’. Quite a logical step, since teenagers are amongst the savviest social media users of all species. However, some protection against themselves is in order, or they might walk right into the lion’s claws. That’s why the default setting for their posts is ‘friends only’.
  • Even lions rest from time to time. On a manic Monday, Facebook suffered from a worldwide outage caused by network maintenance. Pure horror for Community Managers, who were essentially unemployed because of it. But it could be worse. Just imagine it was your birthday and no one could post on your wall ;-).
  • Zuckerberg also announced new content for Facebook Home. As you recall, this feature allows you to see Facebook updates directly on your Android lock screen. From now on, not only Facebook content will be displayed there, but also Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram and Tumblr content will be available.
  • During the last week of October, Facebook also started testing a new feature: Stories to Share. This feature should make the lives of Community Safarists – always on the hunt for more engagement – easier. Facebook provides organizations with suggestions of stories that were published on their websites, but not yet posted as a Facebook Update. Tests are currently only available for a limited number of pages.


On to the next animal in our cruise through the Social Media Jungle: Twitter. Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room: with their emerging IPO, more and new features are within reach.

  • First they announced ‘Scheduled Tweets‘ for Twitter Ad Users. The feature allows them to schedule Organic and/or Promoted Tweets up to one year in advance. Of course features like this are also available in clever Social Media Management Tools ;-).
  • Probably more exciting are the changes made to Direct Messages. As of mid October, you have the option to receive DM’s from people without having to follow them back.


A leopard cannot change his spots, and so Pinterest provided more of the same. Some of the updates involved:

  • Mobile updates such as the swiping feature on your iPhone and of course the addition of Pinterest to Facebook Home and Android Widgets.
  • More relevant perhaps: ‘Related Pins‘. An addition that allows you to see recommendations in your feed. The relevance of these pins will be determined by a voting system.


In order to survive in the wilderness, one has to adjust. But when Instagram announced that the ad-free days will soon be a thing of the past, they definitely needed a hide like a rhinoceros. Instagram promised the ads will be tasteful and very suitable for the platform, but as expected, not all users were thrilled…


G+ took a well-deserved break at the water creek, or at least it seemed that way. However, on Oct 29th they announced the roll out of 18 new features! Looks like G+ might fill out the part of ‘King of the Jungle’ in our November update ;-). So stay tuned!