Sports Fans Rejoice: The Social World Cup Is Here! [Infographic]

By: Susan Ganeshan

June 11, 2014

The FIFA World Cup is a big deal. Fans around the world have been watching their national teams vying for the past three years to qualify for one of the 31 available spots in this year’s Final Competition, which starts in Brazil this week.  FIFA officials estimate that 3.2 billion people watched live coverage of the 2010 tournament. People get passionate about World Cup, and guess what? They are talking about it – a lot – on social media.

But what are they saying? Clarabridge has the ability to understand what people think, how they feel, and what makes them tick from the text they write. To catch the tone of this year’s World Cup conversation, we dug through more than 2 million online mentions of the tournament. We categorized the data, we searched for emotional content, and we identified which teams and which cities were being mentioned.

That might sound hard. Actually, it’s easy with Clarabridge’s intelligent customer experience management solutions. We process millions of records of social media and data from all other feedback sources for organizations in all industries, to find out what customers are talking about and how they feel about it.

Below you’ll find the results of our World Cup investigation. We had fun doing it, and we hope you enjoy it, too.  And by all means, let us know if you want to see what we can learn about your business.  Reach out today.


World Cup Infographic (Before) (2)