Spring has Sprung! Five Spring-Cleaning Tips to Renew Your Customer Experience Efforts

By: Clarabridge Team

March 20, 2014

By: Diem Shin


The ritual of spring-cleaning can be very satisfying. It’s a time to organize, declutter and revisit the state of affairs. And just like baseboards and ceiling fans, Customer Experience Management (CEM) initiatives can collect dust and require attention to get them back into shape.

A healthy and well-supported CEM program creates a comprehensive understanding of customers in which actionable decisions are based. It can build loyalty, reduce cost and increase revenue. Now that it’s springtime, follow these five tips to shake off the dust and enhance your customer experience.

Tip 1: When analyzing customer behavior, use a multichannel approach.

Collecting data from all customer listening posts such as social media, surveys, email and call-centers will provide a 360-degree view of the customer and ensure consistency for analysis. Leveraging the right data from the right sources will ensure the right action is taken.

Tip 2: Strive to exceed expectations to drive loyalty.

A tremendous amount of customer feedback is available to companies for analysis. Analyzing this information and understanding how customers interact with a brand across channels is key to meeting these expectations and ultimately driving loyalty. Companies can no longer compete to win customers; they must also compete to keep customers.

Tip 3: Focus on consumers on an individual level, don’t mass market.

There is a current shift in power from companies that have historically grown successful serving the masses to an environment where the successful companies are those that focus on consumers at an individual level. Focus on understanding the needs of the individual, not the marketplace.

Tip 4: Don’t just listen. Act on customer feedback.

Customers expect companies to understand their feedback, resolve the issue and respond back to them in real-time. Luckily there is technology available to support these efforts. Companies must first listen to gain insight but then they must act on the insights gleaned in order to create an enduring, meaningful relationship with customers.

Tip 5: Empower employees to be your front line providing great customer experience.

Employees are your most important asset and are critical components to the success of any CEM program. They have a deep understanding of the business, products and services and have direct contact with customers. Employees typically raise issues weeks to months ahead of customers and have the power to influence customer experience proactively rather than reactively.

How are you dusting off your CEM initiatives this Spring?