Stages of Maturity for Voice of the Customer

By: Clarabridge Team

February 19, 2014

By:  Diem Shin

Temkin Blog image

According to Forrester, it is the Age of the Customer. This is the time when consumers rule. They feel empowered and increasingly expect brands to connect with them. In order to compete, companies need to become more customer obsessed and they do that through Voice of the Customer (VOC) initiatives.

But as we examine the evolution of VOC in more detail, I begin to wonder if companies know which stage of VOC maturity they are at? How do they measure their level of maturity? Is the ultimate goal to reach the Transformer level?

Let’s look at the five stages of VOC maturity in more detail as defined by the Temkin Group:

Novices: Early stages of development

Collectors: The VOC team spends most of its time focused on discussions

Analyzers: The VOC team is doing data crunching, but is not well integrated with rest of the company

Collaborators: There is now a strong relationship between the VOC team and rest of the organization

Transformers: Customer insight data is now integrated into processes throughout the company

Which level of maturity have you reached? Join us on Thursday, February 20 at 11 am EST, as Bruce Temkin, Managing Partner of the Temkin Group, discusses the different levels and how brands are progressing through the different stages of development.