That’s A Wrap! Recapping Day 3 of C3 2018

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By: Clarabridge Team

May 11, 2018

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That’s A Wrap! Recapping Day 3 of C3 2018 


We did it – just like that, Clarabridge’s 10th Annual Customer Connections Conference (C3) has officially come to a close. After donning 80s garb and rocking out to The Legwarmers on Tuesday night, everyone came together one last time to discuss the exciting future of customer experience. Day 3 was certainly a success, and we already can’t wait for another epic C3 in 2019!


Gartner Breaks Down the Key to Customer Loyalty

Kicking off the final day of C3, Lara Ponomareff, Practice Leader for Gartner, delivered a compelling opening keynote about how the key to driving customer loyalty lies in effortless experiences.


As Lara walked us through Gartner’s research and findings, she revealed that companies often assume that they can create loyal customers by delighting them and exceeding their expectations. However, this approach can often be ineffective, difficult, and costly. Moreover, customer service interactions are nearly four times more likely to lead to disloyalty than loyalty. In order to provide experiences that lead to better customer loyalty, companies must start looking at everything through an “effort lens” and ultimately work to reduce effort at every touchpoint.


GE Appliances Helps Agents Understand Their Impact on the User Experience


Later on, Angie Corbett, Senior Manager for Digital Marketing – Social Media Outreach at GE Appliances, shared some useful tips on how to set up personal dashboards for Engagement Agents, which helps increase their awareness of the value of their work.


With today’s ever-evolving customer, GE Appliances understands the importance of driving meaningful social media engagement. They also know that every opportunity to expand this engagement creates a need to expand social customer care. Using Clarabridge’s Clarabridge Engage tool, Angie and her team created agent-specific dashboards that allow Engagement Agents to access and review their respective performances on any given day. For example, an agent can see how many issues he resolved, how many unique customers he served, turnaround time, and more. This level of personalization and insight allows them to better meet future customer expectations and provide more valuable user experiences.


Presbyterian Healthcare Services Transitions From “Data Archeologists” to “Data Analysts”


Soyal Momin, VP of Analytics at Presbyterian Healthcare Services, took the stage in the early afternoon fired up like a hot air balloon to talk about how PHS used Clarabridge to leave their days of being “data rich and information poor” behind.


Just two years ago, Soyal described PHS as operating as “data archeologists” — they spent most of their time arbitrarily searching through excel spreadsheets, blindly in pursuit of insights they could use. Since calling on Clarabridge to help make sense of it all, however, they now consider themselves “data analysts” — spending the bulk of their time analyzing insights, identifying what needs to change, and reporting those insights to key stakeholders in order to catalyze the appropriate change management systems. Insights have ranged in scope from website usability issues to pinpointing the squeaky bed in the maternity ward that was waking up the new moms and their newborns!


Optum Discusses Using a VoC Portal to Empower Your Teams


As the day neared its end, Senior Director of Feedback Analytics at Optum, Dave Pabley, discussed Optum’s journey to recently launching a self-service VoC portal for hundreds of users throughout the company. Dave reminded us that the better we engage employees and equip them with customer insights and feedback, the higher overall customer satisfaction will be. With Clarabridge, Optum helps deliver customer insights directly into the hands of the people who can act on them, while quantifying the impact of the changes they’re making to the customer experience.


And The Winner Is….


To close out the day, Clarabridge’s Mark Bishof and Sid Banerjee took the stage to announce this year’s

Customer Experience Award Winners for North America, with recipients across our Diamond, Luminary, Revvie, and Innovation Awards categories. Congratulations to all the winners!


Unable to attend this year’s conference? Don’t worry, we’ll be back in 2019! Join us in next April 29–May 1 in sunny Miami – stay tuned for more details. Hope to see you all there, and thanks again to everyone who helped make our 10th annual C3 the best one yet.