The 9 Coolest Features of CX Studio

By: Clarabridge Team

August 20, 2015

By Krassi Genov, Senior Director Product Marketing

You asked. We listened. Just as you work tirelessly every day to improve your customers’ experiences with your brand, we’ve done the same. The outcome: CX Studio.

CX studio gives you an entirely new way to share your CX insights with everyone in your business who can act on them. Quickly, easily, and clearly. We call this “operationalizing” the Voice of the Customer—the ability to share relevant customer feedback analysis with the people in the organization who are empowered to make the changes that matter most to customers.

Stephanie Jacobs, Marketing analyst at BE Aerospace, summed it up perfectly: “CX Studio allows us to streamline our CEM process by sharing insights with executives, analysts, product designers, marketers, and other stakeholders.” If you want your customer insights to fly across the enterprise, and even up to your executives, these 9 cool features will help you get started.

Here are 9 reasons why customers love CX Studio:

1. Customer insights never looked so clear. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a metric of how well your business is doing is worth millions. CX Studio leverages a new grid-based dashboard layout, bringing intuitive infographic-style visualization to your CX insights data with easy drag-and-drop configuration. Reports include interactive zooming on tree maps, bubbles, and line charts. The visualization capabilities help you tell a better, more complete story of your customers’ experiences over time.

2. And . . . so mobile. You are never more than a few feet away from a smart mobile device—your CX dashboards shouldn’t be either. With CX Studio you can view and act on customer data at any given time and from any laptop, desktop, tablet, or smart phones. Mobilize, socialize, democratize CX!

3. Multitasking made simple. If you have to multi-task, your dashboard should have to, too. CX Studio allows you to create and support an unlimited number of reports, sourced from multiple projects and data sources. Reports execute independently and simultaneously, so you can work on one report while others are being generated.

4. It’s not just a numbers game. Content widgets supporting text, imagery, and even video can provide context and supporting commentary to your dashboard reports.

5. Discover the “why” within your data. Root cause analysis is just a click away. CX Studio makes it easy to discover insights within the app. Need more detail? Left-click to create new sub-reports and get another level of detail. See who your customers are, how they feel about your business, and more importantly why they feel that way.

6. Insights are flying, but you’re still in control. Keep on top of how your dashboards are being utilized and socialized with in-app notifications that alert you when key user or system activities take place (for example, a dashboard has been shared or a new user has been added to a group). Hierarchy and org chart support can be used to filter user permissions and views, while customizable email settings limit who can receive shared emails and define where messages come from.

7. Be a team player. With a few clicks, you can add users, share dashboards, or rate and promote content that you find most useful.

8. Export in a flash. Still want to be able to export? We think you’ll find that CX Studio replaces third-party reporting tools, but we still enable you to export the entire dashboard, or data from any widget, to PDF or Excel® for off-line use.

9. Let’s face it—looks matter. Make your marketing team proud. Follow your brand guidelines with customizable color palettes to brand the interface for your own business or project.

And of course, all of your favorite Clarabridge functions like text analytics and sentiment analysis are fully available within CX Studio.

See what CX Studio can do for your business (and your career)! Ask your Clarabridge sales representative to tell you more. If you’re not a Clarabridge customer request a demo today.