The Clarabridge Solution for Consumer Goods Companies

By: Clarabridge Team

October 20, 2017

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The Clarabridge solution for Consumer Goods helps you to listen and understand feedback across consumer interaction points, so you can identify unmet needs or aspirations to drive product innovation, increased retail sales, reduced operational costs, an improved consumer experience, and ultimately a competitive advantage.

What does this mean for you, a Consumer Goods company?

Being able to listen to all sources of consumer feedback, and automatically categorize and analyze all data to draw out actionable insights means you are able to act on the voice of your consumer in real-time. Consumer insights also helps you to:

  • Know how your products are performing by tracking product family star ratings and comments, following sentiment in key industry categories, and using performance monitoring to obtain early warnings about issues and identify root causes.
  • Secure space with crowded retailers by using feedback from their own consumers to justify SKU placement.
  • Craft impactful advertising by incorporating consumers’ actual words into positioning and using sentiment scoring, star ratings, and consumer chatter to refine messages, placement, and spend as needed.
  • Develop products consumers already want to buy by delivering on their requests (e.g., “I wish”, “I would like to see”) and conducting feature by feature analyses to developing your competitive differentiation.
  • Deliver on consumers’ service expectations by quickly addressing high volume call topics and website issues, better managing social media as a service channel, and uncovering satisfaction drivers throughout their journey.


Take it from our customers:

Dorel Juvenile, the manufacturer of the most baby gear on the planet, including global brands such as Maxi-Cosi, Safety 1st, Quinny, and Tiny Love.


“ We are now able to efficiently analyze and act on the voice of our consumers across all consumer touch-points.”

—Bob Land, VP of Consumer Engagement, Dorel Juvenile


Dorel Juvenile, like other consumer goods companies, leveraged various resources for consumer insights, including call center data, retail visits, benchmarking, and traditional customer surveys; but, they found that:

  • The number of product reviews were increasing rapidly
  • Most of our data did not include competitive information
  • Each brand had different competitors, so segmenting the data we did have was becoming increasingly difficult
  • Benchmarking was dependent on industry experience and ‘best sellers’ on retailers’ shelves
  • Data was stored in multiple locations, and updating it was labor-intensive, inconsistent, and ineffective

Today, Clarabridge is integrated across all levels and functions within the organization. According to Bob Land, VP of Consumer Engagement, Dorel Juvenile are now able to efficiently analyze and act on the voice of our consumers across all touchpoints. Resulting insights have driven:

  • Data-driven decision making: There had been enough new features added to a multi-million-dollar product line with a 12-year legacy to justify a re-naming, but we thought sentiment for the product line was too positive to risk a change. However, Clarabridge data showed that consumers rated the product very low. The newly named product line has since broken every sales record at Dorel!
  • Product innovation: Clarabridge helps to identify features that consumers especially like that should be retained and consumer pain points that need to be addressed. They’re using these types of insights to shape a brand-new product.
  • Increased retail sales: Consumer insights aided in selling new products, especially categories where they haven’t had a strong presence, and influenced a new approach with that resulted in over 75% year-over-year sales increase.
  • Reduced costs: They implemented changes to address negative sentiment in one of their categories and reduced the return rate 18%. They also addressed a packaging issue they wouldn’t have known about otherwise and saw a 10% reduction in product damage.
  • Improved consumer sentiment: They’ve reduced customer complaints, and their Net Promoter scores are consistently high compared to industry benchmarks.