The Complete Solution: Clarabridge Acquires Market Metrix

By: Sid Banerjee

April 8, 2014

I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve agreed to acquire Market Metrix, the leading Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) platform for the hospitality and gaming industries.  This acquisition positions Clarabridge as a complete end-to-end Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution provider, a first in the industry.

At Clarabridge, our mission is to champion the voice of the customer enabling companies to make smart strategic decisions. We help some of the most well-known brands across the world impact the bottom line by improving customer satisfaction, enhancing brand loyalty and ultimately increasing sales.  For nearly a decade, we’ve been working to provide our customers with the most advanced, sophisticated CEM solution in the industry. And as CEM has matured from listening to acting, companies are realizing the need to operationalize customer and employee feedback throughout their organizations as rapidly as possible in order to engage and close the loop.

With Market Metrix, a company with similar strengths to Clarabridge – strong customer base, advanced technology, and passion focused on the voice of the customer, we saw an opportunity to fulfill an unmet need in the CEM industry. Market Metrix offers a robust, results-oriented Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) platform, case management and operational analytics capabilities. Combined with Clarabridge’s intelligence platform, the acquisition enables us to better listen to, analyze, and act on customer feedback across all channels throughout the enterprise, at the executive, analyst and operational levels, positioning us to drive loyalty and profitability amongst our customers.

Our decision to acquire Market Metrix also stems from our own customers who have increasingly told us that customer feedback and the analysis of this feedback is mission critical to improving customer relationships and, ultimately, driving profits. They were looking for a solution that could collect customer feedback, analyze that data for strategic and operational insights for their employees across the enterprise, assign action, enforce accountability, and directly engage and communicate with customers to “close the loop.”  While there are many disparate solutions,  from many vendors large and small, that can provide bits and pieces of this complex puzzle. We saw in the combination of Clarabridge’s scalable, multi-channel customer experience analytics platform with Market Metrix’s EFM, operational reporting, case management and engagement capabilities, a holistic, powerful solution that brought together all the features for a complete customer analytics and engagement solution.

The opportunities for synergies through this acquisition are exciting.  Market Metrix’s 300 hospitality and casino brands, including Wynn Resorts, Langham Hospitality Group, and Red Roof Inn will now be able to benefit from the multi-channel customer experience capabilities of Clarabridge – to bring together all customer interactions, apply advanced sentiment and text analytics, and leverage Clarabridge’s core competencies.  Clarabridge customers now have access to a market leading EFM platform, intuitive operational reporting capabilities across the enterprise, case management for employees, and closed loop customer response and engagement. And new customers will now have access to a complete end–to-end solution for customer experience management and engagement.

More importantly – Clarabridge remains committed to developing and maintaining an active and robust partner ecosystem.  We are committed to making it easy to connect all customer conversations to the Clarabridge intelligence platform, and to extract customer insights from Clarabridge into a wide range of partner solutions.  As the market continues to evolve, we will continue to support and expand those partnerships, and work closely with our services partners to ensure that our customers realize the full value of our solutions.

In the coming months, we will work to join our technologies and our innovative teams to provide an integrated CEM solution that will enable organizations across all channels, on all business levels, to truly leverage the voice of the customer in a way that has never been done before.