The Connected CEO vs the Informed CEO

By: Susan Ganeshan

August 1, 2017

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In a recent Harvard Business Review article, the CEO of T-Mobile, John Legere, explained how he is connected to customers and prospective customers through social media and by listening into individual customer calls. He’s an exemplary connected CEO and that’s to be applauded, for sure. But he, like so many CEOs, is not fully informed. There is a huge difference between a connection to a few select customers and being informed about the masses.

At a time when CEOs, and even Presidents, endeavour to create more direct communications through Tweeting and reading their own self-selected Twitter feeds, there is a need for a more scientific approach, delivered through analytics, to ensure these company, and country, leaders become truly informed.

Why is it so important to be truly informed? The reason is that it provides a unique and wholly beneficial perspective that is invaluable, not just during crisis moments, but also in times of apparently smooth, normal business operations. It also helps to ensure that company leaders don’t, unwittingly, fall into the Bain statistic:  80% of CEOs believe they are doing a great job at customer experience but only 8% of customers agree.


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