The Contact Center: Your Company’s Unsung Hero

By: Ellen Falci Loeshelle

May 26, 2017

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From onboarding to retention—Contact Centers handle customers during the most delicate points in their journey. They lead upset customers from frustration to elation. They engage with satisfied customers and make them feel appreciated. They de-escalate frustrating situations and play a key factor in customer loyalty.  Most importantly, they understand that customer emotion is indicative of long-term results, and respond accordingly on behalf of your company. Usually carried out by top- notch agents, their recipe seems to work every time, but how do organizations like yours decipher their formula and recreate it for an entire team?

The nuances of human emotion might seem incredibly overwhelming to some organizations but don’t have to be. Once you can spot trends where customers are experiencing friction, including how they got there and how quickly it was resolved, your employees will be able to replicate the methods that led to victory and master the customer experience.

Currently, most organizations assess customer care by productivity (i.e. hold times, call length, first call resolution) but fail to look at the experience holistically. This method can be useful, but incredibly dangerous long term. Why? Because, if I have to wait a bit longer to speak with someone who can easily close the loop on my issue and make me feel good about it—I’m not likely to switch to a competitor. On the flip side, if an agent is quick to connect, but routes me to four other departments without a fair resolution—I’ll be on my laptop looking for other products or services as an option while attempting to repeat my issue for the fifth time.

Successful Contact Centers have access to the complete information about the customer and can provide resolution based on past experiences. Information drives their decision process and ensures seamless customer experiences. Here’s the kicker—it doesn’t take much for organizations to put these insights to work. In six simple steps, businesses big and small can have a keen understanding of what it takes to create the type of experience that leads to satisfied and loyal customers.

Closing the loop is easy. In this report, the Temkin Group walks organizations through the journey of unearthing actionable insights that drive results. You’ll also have access to the data points necessary to decipher, manage and monitor customer sentiment. Think you have a handle on your Contact Center? Download the eBook to find out.

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