The Decision Maker’s Guide to Social Customer Service

By: The Clarabridge Team

August 11, 2017

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The social media/contact center agent unicorn is becoming increasingly common as customers are expecting support via social media channels. In most companies, especially bigger ones, the marketing team simply doesn’t have the information, bandwidth, and ability to offer the type of support customers are requesting on social media.

Combining the efforts of the contact center with social media is one of the smartest things a company can do to stay ahead of the curve and ensure customers have help at every avenue.  Kicking off a social customer service initiative, and managing it can prove to be complex, and with the perceived difficulty of measuring ROI, most companies put this on the back burner, until circumstances force them to implement a program. The difference between businesses who thrive in social customer service and those who don’t lie in their CX advocate’s ability to make thoughtful, strategic decisions, and quickly. But what should you base your decisions on? How can you validate your decisions to the C-Suite so that you can get the support you need? In The US Contact Center Decisions- Makers’ Guide 2017: The Social Customer Chapter, we outline how social media is used within the contact centers as a service channel, the top five social customer care stats that are predicting the future of customer service in social media, target response times you should be paying attention to as you implement internal benchmark and in-depth tips for providing superior customer service on social media.

Download this guide now as your go-to resource for social customer service.


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