The Engagor Inbox got a makeover!

By: Lien Brusselmans

October 3, 2012

social media monitoring

Have you noticed when logging in to Engagor this morning? We’ve redesigned the Engagor Inbox and the Engagor Dashboard!

Why have we redesigned the Engagor Inbox?

The Inbox redesign fits right in our vision to make the Engagor user experience fluent and effortless. We’re continually adding new features and possibilities which might result in things getting a little crowded. That’s where the redesign comes in: the mentions are displayed much cleaner than before. Read on to learn more on the changes we made.

What has changed and what’s new?

  • The mentions have a much ‘cleaner’ interface.

    All the action buttons have been moved to the left side and most of them only become visible when hovering over the mention.

    The actions that are least frequently used are accessible through a drop-down menu.

  • There’s a new kid in action-town. Apart from the already existing conversation possibilities (reply, retweet, comment, etc.), you can now also share content from within Engagor. For example, when you come across a tweet you’d like to share on Facebook or LinkedIn, all you have to do is click the share button:

  • Sometimes mentions have an entire conversation attached to it (retweets, comments, etc.). We’ve made it possible for you to easily access all the analytics on that conversation. By choosing ‘View statistics for conversation’ in the drop-down menu, you’re guided towards the Insights that only show you statistics for that particular conversation.

    As you can see in the search field, there’s a filter activated that defines the conversation.

  • Apart from that, the Engagor Dashboard (your landing page when logging in to Engagor) has also undergone a makeover.

We hope you like this fresh Engagor look! Feel free to share your thoughts on it through Twitter, Facebook or by dropping us an email. Don’t have an Engagor account yet? No worries: sign up for a free trial and you can test out our tool for 14 days!