The Short Guide to Social Media Marketing

By: The Clarabridge Team

July 24, 2017

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Yes, we’re still having this conversation.  Why? Because while social media marketing and engagement have been picked up and executed well by many companies, there still seems to be confusion around the logistics of social media marketing. We’ll give you the quick and dirty of social media marketing so that you’ll be crafting plans, driving conversations and measuring success in no time.

Have a plan

Having a plan is instrumental in building out your strategy. If you have all of the information you need about your audience, this should be pretty easy and straightforward. Your social media marketing plan should be inclusive of the following:

  • Medium– This will outline which social media platforms will be included in your marketing strategy. While you may use a singular voice (more on that later), the purpose of that social media channel may ultimately differ. Which social media platforms are your fans currently obsessed with? What makes the most sense for your brand?
  • Timelines– This will imply how often you post on each of these channels, and will also take into account different assets coming down your pipeline that you may want to consider for promotion. This should be dictated by your overarching marketing strategy so that your messaging is in sync.
  • Goals– Your goals will vary by your objective- but goals can be external, such as increasing engagement, or having users take a specific action. They can also be internal and focus on response times and sentiment.
  • Themes– Throughout your marketing strategy, there might be different concepts that your audience is interested in. Keeping these concepts in mind, you can create themes around them to keep your conversation relatively consistent. Your themes might also be influenced by specific dates where there’s a national holiday or event. For instance, if your audience is mostly small business owners, you might want to be a part of the conversation on #NationalEntrepreneursDay.

Be Social, no really… have conversations with people

One key differentiator of successful brands on social media is their ability to have relevant conversations with their audience. By equipping your team with Voice and Tone guidelines and the ability to route high-level engagement and support related issues to the appropriate agents, you’ll be sure to have a team that confident, efficient and aware of consumer needs.

Measure and Repeat

Possibly the most important part of your plan will be the ability to measure and assess how well your team is doing. By defining the goals that we talked about earlier in this post, you’ll be more confident in strategic decision making. You’ll be able to validate the need to shift your efforts or to keep the pace of what you’re currently doing.

Knowledge lies in insights. Do you know how your social media engagement stacks up against the competition? Find out now with our free, quick Social Grader.