The Top 3 Social Apps That Really Made us Talk in 2013

By: Sofie De Beule

December 24, 2013

messaging app

In 2013, a large amount of social apps made it possible to interact and engage profoundly – both offline and online – with our friends, communities, etc. However, some mobile apps managed to succeed where others fell short. As focus on ‘mobile’ will continue to increase in 2014, we take a look at 2013’s top social apps.

Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Google+ made some really impressive moves this year and truly deserve a spot in 2013’s top social apps that really got us talking. 

1. Snapchat hits 350 million ‘snaps’ a day

Snapchat is the rapidly growing, popular messaging service that allows you store your friend’s photos for only 10 seconds. The company has been really busy this year trying to expand the reach of the social app. Users of the messaging app send approximately 350 million messages or ‘snaps’ every day, which really indicates how popular private networks (i.e. the ones that let you interact only with your friends) have become.

Snapchat recently rejected Facebook’s offer of $3 billion. Evan Spiegel, Snapchat’s 23-year-old co-founder and CEO, will not likely consider an acquisition or an investment at least until early next year. An experimental new ‘Replay’ feature was released on Friday that lets you rewatch one old ‘snap’ per day. This new addition, however, kills part of what makes Snapchat so special.

2. WhatsApp reaches 400 million monthly active users

WhatsApp, the mobile messaging app that sends free texts, photos, videos and audio messages, recently announced it reached more than 400 million monthly active users. Just 4 months ago, the number of active users had just reached 300 million. This Summer, the messaging app processed 27 million messages in just one day. In the fierce mobile messaging battle, WhatsApp is obviously one of the big leaders.

3. Google+ becomes the ideal ‘community spot’

Social network apps also created quite the buzz this year. Google+ counts now for 540 million active users worldwide. It has become a hub for photos: the Google+ app released new services like improved Snapseed power editing tools, the release of Auto Awesome, etc.

Google also added some really interesting new Communities features. It’s now possible to invite people to a community from the apps, and reshare items with a community. As a community manager, you can easily search for members within the Communities and even moderate content.