The Truth About Omni-Channel Analytics

By: The Clarabridge Team

September 6, 2017

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Being able to predict inclinations toward specific behaviors, helps you to understand the customer, and properly engage them at every touch point. With this information at the ready, your teams can design the right experiences inclusive of personalized recommendations and inventory optimization to meet those needs. See, what happens when you use Omni-channel analytics is that you get out ahead of what the customer wants, allowing you to design experiences specific to them.

Consumers can interact with brands in a multitude of ways. The various channels include advertising, the Internet, social media, surveys, direct mail, phone calls, emails, in-store experiences, ratings and review sites, and countless more. Providing a consistent customer experience across these channels is critical for maintaining a positive brand identity. Luckily, today customers are more eager than ever to share their thoughts on your products and services, but only a few companies are listening to what they’re saying. Synthesizing information from a wealth of resources like the contact center and social media, into actionable insights allows you to make fast, credible decisions with customers in mind.  Most companies keep social media and customer analytics boxed away, but fail to realize that Omni-channel analytics should filter throughout the entire organization. This helps keep everyone in your organization aligned and creates a customer-centric culture.

Understanding customer analytics means using speech and text-based interactions to get context behind your insights, and using that context strategically to reduce operating costs, improve customer engagement, and uncover additional revenue opportunities.

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