The Year Emotional Intelligence Meets Customer Experience

By: Sid Banerjee

January 15, 2015

Despite the fact that we are in an age where everything seems to be computerized and automated, this is the year that businesses will start to feel more human. Customers will feel more and more like businesses are listening to their individual wants and needs. With that mega-trend in mind, let’s dive into three specific predictions around the changing customer experience in 2015.

1. Businesses focus on emotional intelligence to better understand and respond to customers

Emotional Intelligence isn’t a new concept. The business world widely adopted Daniel Goleman’s 1995 book “Emotional Intelligence,” and Goleman’s principles are still the cornerstone of leadership courses around the world. Very simply, EQ is the ability to relate and empathize with others, ultimately enabling positive interactions.

Twenty years later, businesses as a whole (not just the leaders within them) are finally embracing EQ as a way to win new customers, increase loyalty and gain market share. The emergence of new technologies has driven this shift as businesses can interpret customer needs and wants in meaningful, actionable ways.

What does it take to be an emotionally intelligent business? Empathy. An accurate, complete view of the customer experience from start to finish, and all of the emotions customers associate with that experience is the foundation of a high EQ.

An emotionally intelligent business will collect customer feedback at all stages of this journey, and not just in the form of structured surveys. Call center recordings, online reviews, open-ended surveys and social media provide businesses with a complete view of customer sentiment at every stage of the journey.

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