This Customer Satisfaction Enthusiast Sees Big Data as a Challenge and Opportunity for CX

By: Clarabridge Team

April 3, 2015

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David Tweddle recently joined the Clarabridge team as Senior Vice President of EMEA Sales, responsible for driving the overall growth strategy for the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. David joins Clarabridge’s senior team after more than 15 years as the Vice President of UK Commercial Sales at Oracle, where he led a number of businesses delivering customer value from Services, Support, Application, Technology and SaaS solutions.

Today, we got a chance to sit down with David and learn more about his plans for EMEA, trends he’s seen in customer experience, and how businesses can meet the changing customer demands.

Sentiments: What areas of Customer Experience (CX) are you most passionate about?

Tweddle:  I am most passionate about working with brands across the region. I am excited to make CX initiatives a reality across their businesses, to engage with them, listen and respond to their needs, and to make sure they feel valued as a Clarabridge customer.

Sentiments: In the past few years, we’ve seen the marketplace transform into a customer-centric one. How have you seen customer expectations and buying habits change over the recent years?

Tweddle: Customers don’t buy with logic; they buy with emotion. This means that they are making their purchasing decisions based on how they feel. They want to know that they are being listened to and cared for. Moreover, they want to have this experience regardless of how they choose to interact with a brand, whether it’s in the call centre, online, or in-store.

Sentiments: How have you seen brands successfully respond to customers demanding a more personalized and authentic brand experience?

Tweddle: The personal engagement between brand and customer will be the defining advantage in a marketplace where choice is rife, customers are embracing social media to discuss their shopping experiences, and where the customer holds the buying power. Brands need to take the time to understand their customer and use this insight to deliver a single, seamless, personal experience across all touchpoints in the customer journey. Doing so will enable the brand to increase revenue, protect the brand integrity, decrease operational costs, mitigate risk and better respond to customer demands.

Sentiments: Where do you see most companies fail when building a CX program?

Tweddle: Most companies don’t know what they don’t know, and I’ve seen many brands struggle with how to make sense of the sheer amount of customer data available to them. Brands can’t harness and make sense of it all, let alone use it to make smarter business decisions and improve the experience at every customer touch-point. This is where brands need to leverage the right technology to understand who their customer is and what they want, and take proactive steps to closing the customer satisfaction gap.

Sentiments: What keeps you up at night?

I am always cognizant of the need to get our message out there and to make sure brands are aware of the value of listening to and acting on customer feedback. I am also focused on how to prove the value of customer experience to brands that are resistant to change. I want to encourage brands to take action.

Sentiments: Now that you are at the helm of Clarabridge’s EMEA strategy, how will you help brands deliver a superior experience to meet customer demands?

Tweddle: I joined Clarabridge because I‘m extremely passionate about customer satisfaction and I believe that doing it right can make or break a business. We have an incredible R&D team who understands the nuances of how to harness customer data and turn it into actionable insights that businesses can then act on. In EMEA, I will focus on delivering our unique solution to market, and making it easy and effortless for brands to engage with us. We have a large presence in the UK and have recently made significant investment in the DACH region as well. This, along with our acquisition of Market Metrix, makes us very well positioned to help make the customer-first mind-set a reality for even more brands across the region.