This NPS Fanatic Deserves a Straight Jacket

By: Elizabeth Clor

May 1, 2015

Net Promoter Score
Sentiment Analysis

Imagine being awarded a straight jacket for being “fanatical” about customer support. At the managed cloud computing company Rackspace, this prestigious award is presented to employees who demonstrate a passion for helping customers.

Rackspace runs its business on Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Julian Lopez leads the program. Recently interviewed by Forbes about Rackspace’s customer-driven culture, Lopez shared a refreshing perspective: “In the world of customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, there is no shortage of reports, metrics or analysis to be delivered, but true value comes from just listening and responding to your customers.”

Lopez will be speaking to hundreds of customer experience management professionals at our upcoming C3 conference in Miami. He’ll describe what he calls the “loyalty paradox” – a way of navigating the complexities of NPS so that it becomes the simple metric that it was designed to be. This Q&A session is designed to share the four principles that Rackspace uses to keep the customer at the center, while providing you the opportunity gain insight from their wins, failures, and lessons learned.

We also had the opportunity to get Lopez on camera and ask him a few questions about Rackspace’s NPS program. Check out the video below:


In addition to speaking at C3, Lopez is also leading an NPS Masters Program at Rackspace headquarters in Austin, TX. Attendees will experience a one-day immersion session and learn how to maximize the effectiveness of their own customer loyalty efforts. Friends of Clarabridge are encouraged to attend this class, and will receive a special discount. Learn more on the Rackspace NPS website. And of course, don’t forget to register for C3, where you’ll network with hundreds of customer experience management pros!