Three Ways to Turn CX Data into Action

By: Clarabridge Team

September 29, 2016

C3 Europe 2016
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Improving the customer experience you deliver is all about taking action. It’s all well and good to see customer sentiment around a new product release decline, or notice an increase in chatter about your website checkout process. But without actually getting those insights to the teams that can take meaningful action, the data itself is pretty useless.

The team at Clarabridge is just emerging from an exciting two days – we held our annual European customer experience event, C3 Europe, last week. We were fortunate enough to hear from executives at companies such as Unilever, eBay, Philips, Tesco Mobile, Lloyds Banking Group, and Saudi Telecom Company. One of the themes that came up during many of the presentations was how to make sure customer insights are heard and acted on across the organization.

Here are the 3 key tips our speakers had to share:

Turn the insights into a story
People hear data but feel stories. Make your insights interesting so that people understand the value and importance of acting on them. Add specific customer comments or share real customer experiences that show how that trend or issue is impacting your customer base. And always incorporate quantitative data, such as customer satisfaction scores, alongside the qualitative findings for an even richer story.

Hire the right people to tell the story
Your CEM team needs people with the right attitude, even if they don’t necessarily have the right experience. This means you need team members who are open to learning, have a passion for the customer, and who are confident presenters and good relationship builders. And, when they do present customer insights and stories, make sure they create simple deliverables that incorporate emotion, such as humour, either in the asset or in the delivery of the story itself.

Get back-up before you tell the story
Before presenting your findings to executives, make sure you speak with the teams that are impacted by the customer insight. For example, if the insights require follow-up action from the Product and Operations teams, then speak with those teams before speaking with the executive suite. Share the insights, along with your recommendations, with Product and Operations. Make sure they agree with your proposed actions and that your recommendations actually are viable options. Give them a stake in the process. This way, if your executives ask the teams what they think about your findings, they are likely to be more invested, engaged, and supportive of your action plan.

Once you sell your story, make sure you follow-up with a clear action plan, collaborating with relevant teams across the organization. And, once implemented, don’t forget to scream your successes as loudly as you can! Make sure key stakeholders are well aware of how you are acting on customer insights and, most importantly, the return it brings back to the organization.

To learn more about how to find insights in your customer data, read our eBook: 3 Case Studies that show What’s Hiding in your Data.


Serina Aswani is Manager of Content Marketing and EMEA Marketing at Clarabridge. As part of her responsibilities, Serina serves as the voice of Clarabridge’s customers, highlighting customer stories and sharing proven best practices for implementing successful Customer Experience Management programs. Serina also oversees content marketing strategy and PR for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region. She is responsible for establishing Clarabridge’s position as an industry thought leader across EMEA. Serina holds a M.S. in Commerce, specializing in Marketing and Management, as well as a B.A in French and Studio Arts, from the University of Virginia. Read more from Serina on Twitter at @SerinaAswani.