Today, We Launch Our New Inbox in Beta

Platform inbox screenshot

By: Sofie De Beule

October 28, 2015

Today, launched live at C3 Europe in London, Engagor introduces a much anticipated update of our Inbox as part of our mission to stay ahead of the social customer care game. This new feature, available in beta to all Engagor accounts, helps our users to become leaders in social customer service.

The new Inbox features an improved layout for a more efficient workflow in order to better inform social care agents and reduce response times. The optimized interface delivers agents a more efficient workspace, reducing clicks and improving visibility and accessibility of customer information.

Learn More About the New Features In-Depth

To help acquaint you with the Inbox, you can find an overview of the new Inbox features below, explaining you where you can find them and what they entail. For more detail, check out our dedicated support articles covering all new elements of the new Inbox.


1. Focus View

The new Focus View enables you to work on a single customer interaction at a time, freeing up all screen space to provide you with the tools and context to resolve the mention at hand. Each time a mention is resolved, the mention that’s next in line will be loaded right away, limiting clicks and avoiding cherry-picking by agents. Click on the Focus View button in the top bar next to the filter option and focus on delivering a fast and tailored response.


2. Tag Suggestions


To help you save time and prioritize mentions, we have developed a system that learns the meaning of tags that were added manually. Whenever you add a tag manually, our machine learning model will learn from this information. Once it feels confident, it will start suggesting tags for new mentions. Our system doesn’t add them manually; they always need to be confirmed by the agent working on that mention.

At the moment, tag suggestions are available upon request. Want to test it out? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll enable this new feature in your Engagor account.


3. Locking


To prevent agents from doing double work, we now lock each mention an agent is currently handling, with the name of the specific agent working on that mention displayed. A message will be locked each time an agent selects a specific message in the Inbox. Once you have resolved a mention, you immediately jump to the next available (unlocked) mention.


4. Mentions List vs. Context View


The way we display a specific Inbox is now split up in two parts:

  1. At the left side of the screen, you now have the Mentions List, displaying all mentions in the Inbox, which offers you the possibility to scroll endlessly. Tip: You can select multiple mentions in the list to edit them at once.
  2. At the right side, we now display Context View (containing the Contact Bar at the top, Conversation Overview in the middle, and the Reply Bar at the bottom), which pops up each time you select a specific mention. This is the view where most action on the mention itself will take place, because it includes easy access to context about a mention (e.g. historical information, contact & CRM details, notes, etc.) to help you understand the entire customer relationship. This new Context View is a combination of the conversation overview and the history of previous interactions with your customer from the previous version of the Inbox.

Do you want to edit contact details in the Context View?

On top of the Context View you are able to access the Contact Bar for a straightforward overview of all the contact details, including social media profile information. You can add user tags or edit the contact sheet by clicking the downwards arrows in the right corner, giving you real-time information and instant context for each mention.

5. Reply Bar


In the Context View below the Conversation View, you now have a Reply Bar that allows you to reply and resolve with just two clicks. Because it includes messaging, the new Reply Bar allows you to execute actions (e.g. reply, send for approval, use canned response, etc.) to handle mentions easily, while still giving you instant access to the context of the message you’re replying to.



6. Handle Time


Beyond the advanced team performance metrics we already offer, we now also track Handle Time for each mention. This new feature tells you how long a user is working on a specific mention, displayed on the mention itself. Handle Time allows you to assess and compare how long your agents are working on handling cases (as opposed to “first time to response,” or “time to resolve”) and see which cases are harder to work on.

Test it Out, And Give Us Your Feedback



Each feature we launch is designed with our users in mind, optimizing usability and the user-friendliness of our platform. That’s why we can’t emphasize enough how much we value the feedback of our customers. Launching this feature in Beta is an invitation to all of our users to help optimize our new Inbox and improve overall usability. Test it out and enjoy our new features designed to help social customer care agents deliver faster service on social.


How You Can Access the New Inbox

For easy access, go to the Inbox section in your Engagor account. By default, you will see the old version of the Inbox. Click on the ‘Switcher’ to direct you to the new Inbox in Beta. Switching back is easy– just click on the same button again.