Tomorrowland Reaches 1.5 Billion People on Social Media!

By: Lien Brusselmans

July 22, 2014


In a few years’ time the Belgian electronic music festival Tomorrowland has become one of the most popular festivals in the world. Undoubtedly social media has played a huge role in spreading the word. People from all over the world traveled to Belgium last week and more of them are coming over on Friday for the second Tomorrowland weekend, installed to meet the huge demand for tickets. With social media management platform Engagor we have monitored all online buzz and discovered some stunning stats!

3.4 Million Social Media Posts – 1.5 Billion People Reached

From Friday July 18th 12pm until Monday July 21st 12pm we measured a total of 3.4 million social media posts, with most buzz coming from Twitter (2 million tweets/retweets), Facebook (1 million posts/comments) and Instagram (400,000 photos/comments).

That’s one social media post every single second!

The Tomorrowland party people seem to have a huge following base since with their posts they reached a total of 1.5 billion people! No doubt the demand for tickets next year will be even bigger with such a word-of-mouth.

Male & Female in Perfect Harmony

Tomorrowland’s social audience was not predominantly male (52%) or female (48%). We did see a significant peak in social media posts from the age group 25-44. There were also some teenagers as well as a couple of people aged 65 or older!

Tomorrowland: 3 Days Long The World’s Capital

We already mentioned how Tomorrowland attracts people from all over the world and this is clearly reflected in the geographical data Engagor has tracked. The top languages on social media were, obviously, English, as well as Spanish and Portuguese. The social media-minded dancing crowd came primarily from Spain, the US, Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico. No wonder Tomorrowland is expanding to South America next year, which brings us to the top social media posts of the organization.

Like! Tomorrowland’s Expansion to Brazil

From all of Tomorrowland’s posts on its Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles, there’s one that stood out: the expansion to Brazil in 2015! After hosting the successful Tomorrowworld in the US last year, Tomorrowland has chosen Brazil as the next place to be next year in May.

Social media has sure proven to be Tomorrowland’s ally in spreading the Madness!