Top 10 Widgets on Social Media Dashboards

By: Lien Brusselmans

February 24, 2014

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One of Engagor’s top features is Custom Dashboards. The idea is very clear: (nearly) all charts, lists, tables and visuals you find in the Engagor (Inbox, Insights or Performance) can be added to your personalized Dashboards. You can customize each individual widget and organize your dashboard to get a quick an easy overview of your social performance.

Custom Dashboard, as one of its biggest advantages, let’s you immediately catch up on the analytics and mentions you are interested in. Another big plus: you can receive automatic reports about them. It’s also possible to send those to colleagues who aren’t using Engagor.

There’s only one ‘disadvantage’: starting from scratch can be tough call. Therefore, we have compiled the top 10 widgets Engagor users add to their Dashboards. Get inspired to set up your own set of Dashboards and learn from how other top brands are using this signature feature.

Top 10 Widgets for Custom Dashboards

1. Custom Charts

People that like the Custom Dashboards clearly also like our Custom Charts! In the Custom Chart builder you can create whatever chart you want. Definitely worth to play around with, you’ll be surprised by the possibilities!

2. Mention

Users also often add lists of mentions to their dashboards. This can be just the Inbox – whether or not filtered – but also top tweetsFacebook posts and whatever other lists of mentions users like to keep a close eye on.

3. Summary charts social profiles

My personal favorite amongst the many Engagor charts: the summary chart sums up all activity on a certain social profile. Add it to a dashboard and you have a great overview of all activity related to your social profiles!

4. User growth per day

Expanding your fan base means expanding your reach. It’s no surprise many brands closely follow up on their user fan growth! And you should too of course.

5. Timeline

Another popular widget is Timeline. On this timeline you can see on which day of the week and what hour of the day your audience is most actively talking about you!

Tip – filter this widget on: ‘posted by is not …’ followed by your own social profiles. The posts you publish yourself would otherwise corrupt the calculation.

6. Top trends & conversations

Top Trends and Top Conversations immediately give you an idea what exactly people are talking about when it comes to your brand, competitors or industry.

7. Top hashtags cloud

Related to these top trends are of course the top hashtags! These are also frequently added as a widget to Custom Dashboards.

8. Influencers

Influencers show you which social media users (both Twitter and Facebook) have the biggest influence when talking about your brand, products, competitors or whatever topic you are monitoring.

Tip – filter this widget to exclude all your own profiles: ‘profile is not …’. This way they won’t corrupt your Influencer list.

9. Monitored profiles: profile overview

The ‘monitored profiles overview table‘ shows you the key kpi’s of the monitored profiles you have linked to your topics. This is especially interesting to compare your own brands’ social media profiles to those of your competitors.

10. Mention count

In the final place in this top 10: the mention count. One number that says it all: how many mentions has your brand generated in the past 28 days? Of course you can edit this widget and choose the time frame of your liking!

Just one other note: this list isn’t finite. If you are a frequent Engagor user, you will definitely have noticed the large amount of analytics, charts, tables, lists and visuals. Almost all of them can be exported as a widget to your Custom Dashboards. The top 10 can give you inspiration but, however, you are totally free to customize your Dashboards to make them fit your brand’s needs.

More information on how to use the Custom Dashboard and Custom Reporting can be found in the support article. If you aren’t using Engagor yet but you are dying to give these Custom Dashboards a try: get in touch so we can activate your 14-day free trial account!