Track SoundCloud Profiles With Engagor

By: Lien Brusselmans

May 22, 2013


SoundCloud is a social sound platform (its name kind of gives it away) where people not only share music but also create it. It was built by a Swedish sound designer and a Swedish artist. They were annoyed at how difficult it was to collaborate on a piece of music. That’s why they created SoundCloud, which started off as a platform where musicians could share their recordings. Pretty soon it became a more public social network musicians use to distribute their music. And that’s what it’s used for today: musicians (both the very famous and the bands performing in the local pubs) distribute their music and “regular” users can follow their favorite artists and discover new favorite artists! To give you an idea of how big SoundCloud has become: it has millions of users all over the world and some of the biggest artists have embraced it: Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 15.37.09

Monitor SoundCloud profiles with Engagor

With Engagor you can track all activity on SoundCloud profiles, be it your own or those of other musicians. All new tracks, comments and likes are shown in your Engagor Inbox. We also analyze these SoundCloud profiles: top posts, users most actively interacting with the profile, follower growth, Applause and Engagement rate etc. You can also keep track of the evolution in number of playlists, followings and favorites. Based on all these analytics you can use Engagor to monitor and compare different artists to each other.

Manage your own SoundCloud profiles

On top you can also manage your own SoundCloud profiles from within Engagor. You can like and comment on tracks (on both your own and other profiles) and delete comments from the tracks on your own SoundCloud profile. What’s also pretty cool is that you can play the tracks right there in your Engagor Inbox.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 15.53.40

More information on the SoundCloud analytics and the management possibilities can be found in the support articles. After Mixcloud, SoundCloud is the second music site (social network, as you wish) Engagor has integrated. As for video sites Engagor already allows users to track and manage Youtube channels but stay tuned: pretty soon a second video site will be added!