[Trend Report] How to Build Brand Love With Young Customers in 2015

By: Sofie De Beule

December 15, 2014

Every year, Trendwolves, a trend agency that focuses on young consumers, publishes an overview of key emerging trends for youngsters in the European Youth Trend Report. This year, the report is called “Bright Underground”. The overall tone is very positive, because having fun will, more than ever, continue to be a central element in young people’s lives.

As 2014 draws to a close, we wanted to share an important trend with you straight from the Trendwolves report. According to Trendwolves, the trend known as ‘lolology’ will greatly influence youngsters in 2015. This term refers to the fact that young consumers just want to be themselves and have fun.

Lolology (i.e. “the ideology of laughter, fun, and play”) illustrates how much young people simply want to enjoy life. The excitement of exploring new, fun things (which they mostly discover through the internet) really helps them to enjoy what’s good in life and express their rather quirky sense of humor. Although they feel pressured by the challenges they face, having fun wins out.

What does this actually mean for brands?

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be close to your target audience in order to understand what they want and need. Social media is obviously a huge part of young consumers’ lives. But most of the time, brands try so hard to establish their social media presence being something they are NOT. A lot of consumers simply lose faith in brands, because they lack credibility. Instead, consumers demand brands to just be human, be real, and show off their quirky side from time to time if they want to attract the attention of a younger target audience.

Want to see an overview of all the other trends for young consumers? Don’t hesitate to check out their SlideShare presentation filled with interesting, striking visual content and key buzzwords!

Source: https://bloggenzegik.wordpress.com/tag/lolology/