Twitter brand surveys: easily discover your consumers’ opinion

By: Lien Brusselmans

October 9, 2012

social media analytics

Twitter brand surveys: measure brand awareness

Launching a campaign on Social Media is one thing, measuring its impact another. Likes, retweets, shares: these are all metrics that can give you a good idea of the appreciation towards your brand or towards a specific campaign. Another way to discover people’s thoughts and feelings towards your brand, is by just asking them. Surveys over telephone are still widely used but take a lot of time, effort and money. With the new Twitter brand surveys, companies now have another way of surveying their consumers.

Survey your consumers on Twitter!

On October 3rd Twitter announced the launch of their brand surveys. They will appear in people’s timeline in the same way Promoted Tweets do. The great advantage with these Twitter surveys is that you stay in the Twitter timeline.

The surveys will typically consist of a small number of questions, that don’t take much time to answer. For the analysis of the results, Twitter collaborates with Nielsen, a global information and measurement company.

Other Twitter timeline opportunities

The integration of these brand surveys in the Twitter timeline brings about some other opportunities. As Forbes indicates, Twitter could offer many more things inside tweets like videos or maybe even the possibility to buy products without leaving Twitter.

Twitter brand surveys available for companies early 2013

For now, this new feature will only be available for a small group of advertisers. Twitter brand surveys will probably be available for other companies early 2013. However, if you already want to start measuring your brand’s impact on Twitter and other social platforms, you can do so with Engagor! We provide you with valuable analytics on your tweets, status updates, your followers/fans and much more. Start monitoring your campaigns with the 14-day free trial!